Ghost Hunters Britt Griffith FIRED !

Britt and the phantom career
Britt and the phantom career

As many of you know, I had some trouble with Britt Griffith’s comments in a recent radio interview.  I have learned that Britt has been fired for those comments. 

What does this mean for Ghost Hunters? Nothing much in my opinion. Britt was to leave GH for a spot on the all but defunct Ghost Hunters International. I guess the burning question would be what will happen to GHI? 

Ghost Hunter Academy has been cancelled ( although not officially ) and now GHI finds itself almost without a cast. It looks as though Pilgrim, Syfy, and NBC have a lot to answer for. 

I guess fans of the Ghost Hunter franchise or Britt Griffith might make the argument about Britt being punished for using his “right of free speech.” Sure Britt has a “Right” of free speech, but he also has a responsibility.  I really think that Britt owes a lot of people an apology (update he has apologized). 

He has given paranormal researchers a black eye. His words reflect badly on the entire paranormal field. He may have driven the last nail in the coffin of paranormal tv.  Then again, ending paranormal tv may not be such a bad thing! 

One thing Britt managed to do for all of us, he managed to give us a perfect example of how to destroy a career. 


I learned that Britt has apologized on Facebook saying, ” So last week i did an internet radio interview where i got worked up over a subject and out of all the four letter words in my head my brain pulled out a six letter word that i do not use, “FA**OT”. I have no idea why my brain chose that word as i do not use it just like i do not use the N word. I come from a f…amily with gays and lesbians in it and i completely understand the punch behind that word. One of my close friends who is gay told me it irked him, and he has very think (thin?) skin, so i am guessing that if he was upset there are others that heard it that are also upset. To those who i may have offended i am sorry for that, it was not my intention to use that word or to offend anyone. 

With all the recent suicides of kids having issues dealing with being gay and my personal experience dealing with a teenage family member going through this issue just a couple years ago i thinks its appropriate to mention this project that was brought to my attention by Kate Mullaly, it is a free resource for kids having suicidal thoughts over the issue of being gay. Please if you are thinking of ending it all, don’t, give the Trevor Project a call first, thay can help.

Still remarks like “the public is stupid” were not addressed.

***UPDATE*** Britt has been rehired

Author: Barry Huddleston

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  1. Yeah, well, I imagine having a career based upon ghost hunting is probably not the best use of his skills. He might better be served as a politician or used car salesman or perhaps a criminal defense lawyer. J&G have seriously made some cash on the GH’ing gig and rode it to the peak, but like every phase it has to die out. Yeah, the paranormal shows seem to be circling the drain and I hate that because I lamented when “In Search Of” went off TV. I’m happy to see us probing the world of the supernatural, but I wish someone would seriously quit putting out the same stuff. If I hear one more investigator whine “Can you give us a sign of your presence?” I’m going to paint my TV screen black and go into mourning. I’m glad he’s gone. He never added a damn thing, but then there have been only a couple of investigators worth their salt. The rest are just dead weight like on “Fact or Faked.” Too many chefs in that kitchen!

    1. fact or fake was just plain dumb…they waste too much time trying to reinact the fake footage…its boring when you just want to see an investigation…ghosthunters is great…i acknowledge that the people can either make or break the show,and ill say that GH was being brought down by the guy they fired a few years ago for the ump-teenth time…glad hes never gonna see airtime again…i forgot his name for the moment and im hope its gone for good….he made that show terrible…i think it was brian…i dont know,but he got fired for his dumb stuff he did…but the current GH cast is great…i could live without britt and the new guy who won the academy,i dont like when people act shocked,or scared when they hear something…after all,they are searching for ghosts…replace them both with tangos father,and meantloaf,the singer…everytime they guest on the show,they get good results.

    2. I watched GH for 10 years-the only way I would continue to view is if Josh gates joined the show-then at least I could look forward to some entertaining humor.

  2. Oh no Autumn J&G are simple plumbers, they still work on toilets. Its true, I saw it just a couple of episodes ago. *wink* J&G were working on a toilet when they got a call about a new case.

    Do paranormal shows die or do they just transform ?

  3. Well, life has these funny cycles and we see them repeat about every 20-30 years. The 70s were all about save the earth and all things paranormal. Guess what the first decade of the 2000’s was about? Yeah, newer version of the eco-weenies and reality shows about the paranormal. The 80s were all about technology and money and all things synthetic. Guess what the 20-teens will be about? Yeah, things have a way of swinging like a pendulum. It’ll be short-lived and then in the 2020’s paranormal will be back with a vengence. It will be interesting to see what form it takes. I do know that I’m thankful ghost hunting is going out of style. It was fantastic to hunt pre-Ghost Hunters-Show, but nowadays the towns are saturated with make-shift teams tearing up the historic spots and paying off owners of old buildings to hunt. It’s a damn shame. They’re really scaring things away, I do believe and making owners of historic buildings nervous around wannabe hunters and their noisy and often disruptive techniques in old hotels and such.

    1. youre full of it autumnforest…you dont know what youre talking about…70`s were not all about paranormal…the early 90`s were,but not 70`s…im into it all though,because we`re gonna spend alot more time on the other side than we do on this side…hope i become a ghost someday…nothing happening would be like blue balls…what would be the purpose of it all?

      1. I don’t remember very many shows on TV in the early 90s that had something to do w/ghosts (Sighting maybe? but that was late 90s) and the first movie that came to mind was ‘Ghost’ and that barely makes the cut due to his 1990 release date. I do remember a show hosted by Robert Stack from the late 80s called Unsolved Mysteries, that on occasion, used to do shows with paranormal mysteries though mostly it was about unsolved crimes. I get that the original post was made 5 years ago, and the comments (the one I’m replying too) were made 5 and 3 years ago…but this just proves what I thought 5 years ago…paranormal reality shows will not die out ANYTIME before the end of this decade. In fact, I’m willing to bet that they stick around till the end of the decade and blend and mesh w/the 2020’s shows as well. I certainly do not think Ghost Hunters will be one of them, however. I will say that as bad as GH has gotten I’ll watch it over any of the myriad of STUPID, pointless, time wasting, money wasting, crapola that has been pumping out in the last 5 years. So the “shit storm” (as they call it) has only just begun when it comes to reality TV…..paranormal shows have just begun to get crazy. Now we have joys like Deep South Paranormal (now called Paranormal Asylum), a bunch of hillbillies “ghostbusting” people’s houses, businesses, and historic places- running around like idiots “catching” ghosts mirrors, boxes, and other stupid contraptions. I just don’t even know… LOL I can’t. It’s awful. It’s like watching the Dukes of Hazards with ghosts you never hear or see.
        As for the claim that the 70s were all about the paranormal: The 70s were never remembered as an “eco-weenie” friendly time, (disgusting name for people that just want to make sure our planet is reasonably in good working order for the next generation, gezz.)…I believe the original poster is getting the 60s free love and peace confused w/the 70s. The 70s gave us (among other things): disco, cocaine….lots of it, flammable jumpsuits (polyester), bell bottoms, butterfly collars and oversized rose (literally) colored sunglasses, and of course a gas shortage. Free love, bra burning, and the first heavy tree hugging happened in the merry ‘ol 60s. Still the 60s were never about the paranormal either really. Spiritualism through recreational drug use and sexual experimentation…perhaps, paranormal? Not so much. And the REAL decade for exploration of the paranormal in the TV and Movie field would be the 80s hands down, i.e. Poltergeist (1982) is one example of the growing interest on a mass scale (also: Ghostbusters, Tails from the Crypt, etc). I will say that The Amityville Horror was a huge influence on the rising curiosity and eventual obsession with paranormal, and was released in 1979 so perhaps the late 70s. From my own recollection…the 70s was all about disaster movies! Towering Inferno, The Poseidon Adventure, Earthquake, Avalanche. I do agree that fads DO come around though, obviously, as we had a recurrence w/disaster movies in the late 90s too.
        Still I don’t think the original poster is “full of it”, it’s just a typical idea from someone unfamiliar w/a specific decade in time….nothing a bit of research into pop culture of the time cannot cure.
        Now as for Britt. I can forgive him the use of the phrase “the public is stupid” for a couple of reasons-
        1. the public *can be* stupid….ironically the fact that we entertain ourselves w/silly superstitious BS and then get upset when ((shocker)) it’s not real, is totally not lost on me. I love this. It’s awesome. We are a fickle, overly critical, superficial, stupid species that loves something one minute and hates it to death and wants it to die and never come back then next. Doesn’t mean we aren’t cute little creatures at times or helpful, or what-have-you…but we do seem to LOVE to tear people down through the media these days. It’s a sick hobby for some people. To bash people online that they’ve never met in their lives, but conveniently have all this “inside information” on how nasty they truly are (eye roll).
        2. Because people who have had very little training in how to conduct themselves during interviews don’t do so hot under stress and say or do things that they may have to apologize for later.
        3. We have *ALL*, everyone of us, said something equally stupid, hurtful, or rude. All of us knows our own degree of “meaning it”….simply- we either said it cause we meant it, or we said it cause we were pissed. I’m going with pissed because he was agitated, a cornered dog that bite back.
        NOW As for the bigoted word he used….I hope that he learns from it. 1 time pass buddy. I realize it was more than likely damage control [his apology], but it can still provide the catalyst to an open dialog for Britt to understand why he used that word, and what he can do to change the negative way in which he reacted.
        As for Grant’s departure:
        I don’t know what happened with Grant. Grant looked awful, and I usually reserve judgment of people because you just DO NOT know what is going on in their personal lives. It was painfully obvious that whatever it was, quite literally, was sucking the life force out of him. Maybe in time, he will return more requently…it was nice to see him last season again, even if it was just one episode.
        I don’t know if stuff was purposely faked…I don’t care, to be honest. I am skeptic that loves to be entertained by things I find ludicrously funny or down right scary. These types of shows can be both…and being skeptic, atheistic, and highly good tempered (when it comes to beliefs, theories, opinions etc of others) makes it easy for me to love them. I don’t take them seriously and I think most laypersons to the subject (myself included) of “paranormal” should be take it w/a grain of salt and a LOT of humor. We want to be entertained….we demand it. But of course the other edge of that sword is that at the same time, we also reserve the right to call our entertainment CRAP and demand it’s “characters” to dance like good little puppets. That’s a lot of pressure…so maybe certain “evidence” might have been messed with….oh well. We asked for it. Looks like we damn near took Grant’s health for it, judging by his pasty, worn, and tired countenance the last couple of shows before he left.

        Paranormal programs will always be a staple of our TV viewing, the format might change, but it’s here to stay. We keep coming back because it’s the unknown and humans *love* a mystery.


  4. I waited a long time for ghost hunting shows to come on television because my interest began back when Hans Holzer was the only person doing any investigating. Some shows are better than others, some try to take a different POV but end up doing rather stupid things like antagonizing entities just to get a rock tossed at them. If any team goes to Eastern State again…ugh.
    Like the UFO shows, nobody has come up with any positive proof that the world will accept about ghosts. Too bad. They’re out there….

    1. Loved Hans Holzer-Hated when he died: he put ghost hunting in the public eye, involving Sybil Leek and Regis Philbin. Never cared for Britt Griffin on GH-when I heard about his foot-in-mouth disease, I had to giggle, yeah?

  5. I just read that Britt did apologise for his words and I am very proud of him for doing so. I also have cousins who choose the gay lifestyle and I love him dearly. I do not want to see any of the paranormal tv shows go off the air. They are very educational in what people all over are experiencing and have answered lots of questions I have had since having my own when i was about 11 years old. I never had anyone tell me anything other than I was having a bad dream or just seeing things, but I always knew it was real. I hope they keep GH and GHI on the air for years to come. I also really hope that in the future they may hire Britt back.
    Go all Ghost Hunters.

    1. I’m sorry Shari but your statement “choose the gay lifestyle” set me back. We don’t choose this lifestyle. We are born this way just like you were born straight.

      1. Hi Chris, I am straight and I have very dear friends who are gay, I also use the term choose the gay lifestyle indeed my gay friends use the same term. Our understanding of using this term is stating we are choosing a particular lifestyle…..not choosing the desires we have; I choose a straight lifestyle and have absolutely no desire for a gay one, I presume that you have no desire for a straight lifestyle. I do not know what Shari means by the term but, for me and my friends, it does not determine with what conditions a person was born instead it’s how they choose to live.

        1. My son is gay and he did not choose the lifestyle, he was born that way just as I was born straight but all this PC bullcrap is getting to me and I’m a Heinz. My mother is part black (we used to be called colored as black was offensive) and Native American(we used to be called American Indians , but that is now offensive), My father is Scotch-Irish and that was probably the worse thing to be after the British stole our land and ran us out of our homeland or made us pay rent so we ended up in the colonies as indentured servants (sometimes worse than slaves. So Britt said ‘fa** ot”, I’ve heard my sons friends call each other that just as I’ve heard the “n” word being used Blacks around me, but if I said it even though I’m a “high yellow”, I’d probably be beaten or stoned. Just be nice to each other and as far as getting rid of anyone, it should be tattooed man, Steve who tortured Brian Farnois and Andy. Brian and Andy were both really good but Jason must not have liked them because as you can see they are gone along with Donna. Also get rid of the girl who got switched to GHI because she curses like a sailor and I really don’t appreciated her taunting of the spirits. Amy is really good and so is Tango unless he’s with low IQ Steve. Can’t we just get along?

          1. Thank you for mentioning “… get(ting) rid of the girl who … curses like a sailor …” That is Kris Williams and she is ridiculous. Saying, “touch me, I’m not afraid of you”, then screaming and cursing whenever she hears a noise. It is really irritating.

            1. Kris Williams is the only reason I kept watching the show…after it was proven to be a hoax and all…so sexy…nice set of up-tops and that ass *drool* I’d like to conduct an EVP session between her long, statuesque legs – My EMF gauge goes crazy whenever the cameramen follow her upstairs…Once she was off the show I gave it a few tries with Amy but she just doesn’t do it for me, and I just cant stand that GHI crap, especially Joe Chen. What has that fat tub of goo ever contributed to an investigation besides “I swear something just touched me”? Needless to say my wife is happy…I’m NOT THOUGH.

          2. ok i was right earlier in this post when i said brian…brian was jays buddy…even close to jays family,so jay said…brian was nothing but an idiot…and when jay agreed to give him another shot,brian came back while steve was the leader of his team,brian couldnt take that steve was his superior now…brian would also say he heard something when he didnt…face it,brian was an idiot,andy i forgot about but he was such a dork…i could see those 2 in a stupid sequel to ghostbusters…and itd be the most unlikable cast you could have wished for…they both suck….brian for lying and spending too much time complaining about steve and andy,acting too cautious and putting too much thought into everything he ever did…RIP bad cst members…long live GH…jay,grant,steve,and tango.

          3. I don’t get how you want people to get along while in the same breath calling Steve “low IQ”…I just have to ask, do you NOT see the irony there at all? Really?

            What I’ve noticed about Steve since the first day this show aired (and I have watched since then), is that he is soft spoken, careful with what he says, thinks before he acts, is very kind in his explanation of things to new members (granted sometimes he explains things like one would to a 2 yr old. A bit condescending…but I think he’s just trying to be understood clearly).
            It’s well documented that Donna left over a rift between her and the co-founders of TAPS (J and Grant) AND the production/Syfy themselves because she felt upset about the financial and professional treatment of the cast members, she’s bitter and decided to bust that balloon on a radio show. You don’t go bad mouth people that are suppose to be “like big brothers” (her words and theirs’) to you on talk radio over money, then act offended when you’re not invited back to the show, ever.
            Andy left because his wife just had a baby and he wanted to spend more time w/his family. That’s what he told the cameras point blank. The big hoopla came from Donna, gee, surprise surprise….claiming that J and Grant “screwed over” Andy, Her (Donna) and others. I’m not remembering these “whiny” episodes he’s had apparently…I just didn’t see him that way. He just wasn’t a memorable person. I am willing to guess that if the new baby reason was just a cover then the real reason is that Andy just wasn’t bankable. Andy is still out there, trying to get back into the paranormal game.

            As for Brian. I never cared for him. I found him slightly abrasive, but I don’t hate him like some people claim. Sure, I didn’t like the guy much, but he also seemed to be at a spot in his life where things got crazy, then out of control, then off the rails…he went MISSING for a couple days…remember that? People freaked out thinking he’d hurt himself. I don’t think being a reality TV star is what a person w/THOSE issues needs in their life. So you’re upset with J and Grant for “kicking him off repeatedly” ….maybe those awful, hateful, horrible FRIENDS of his were just hoping each and every chance they gave him, that he’d come through…but he wasn’t ready.
            He is very much vocal about the production screwing him over w/the faked “lost/forgotten equipment” fiasco. Brian got a raw deal. I wouldn’t want him on the show again, since I never cared for him…but I have to wonder how my perception of him was molded by the editing. I might have to revisit the first seasons with him.

            The “girl” on GHI is Kris Williams. I can appreciate your feelings about cursing, but of course not everyone feels that way. I just don’t see the point to judge people solely because they pepper their normal conversation w/curse words when startled, unsure, nervous, frightened, or excited. It’s not a show for little ones anyways…it would scare mine to bits w/the creepy music overlaying every second of the episodes these days.

            What seems to be abundantly clear is that J and Grant have NO control over where this run away horse is going. I have to wonder if they even have any say, control, or call to ANYTHING that happens on that show, production, handling the cast, even the cast etc. Did J and Grant sign their lives away and realized it too late when they were more business savvy, after a few years dealing w/the crew, production, schedule, travel….and of course fame?

            So what it comes to is this: Some of the GH cast (present/former) probably had a hard time w/the almost instant fame and attention- Grant/Brian, some think they aren’t being treated fairly- Donna/Brian. Some claim to be the scapegoat- Brain. Others want so badly to get back in and try to make a name for themselves again- Andy. Some were judge the second they landed on the show solely for the reason that people felt they were cast to “replace” people- Amy, Adam, Tango, etc. I loved almost all the cast members over the years. It’s not a sitcom, people come and go…like any group, club, or business.

      2. Good for you to bring this up. I am so tired of hearing people say that gays “choose to be gay”, especially people in my church, including the minister.

  6. I’m glad that he apologized, but I have to say…his apology made it sound like he had no control over his use of words “my brain came up with”….???? I’m not saying he’s not sorry for what he said, or the repercussions of it, but his brain isn’t a separate entity away from him. He’s just learned a very valuable lesson in thinking before speaking, even when worked up about a topic. As for his loss from GHI, it’s not a big loss to me…I’ve never found him to be an integral part of the Ghost Hunters show or the TAPS team, not one of the more interesting investigators…but that’s me. I am glad though that he has tried to clear this up, he’s stepped up and he’s done the right thing.

  7. It’s sad that the study of the paranormal and an entertaining little one-hour cable show should have to pay the price for talking before thinking on the part of any one who stands in representation of it. Dumb move, Brett. You had a good thing going–as did the folks who enjoyed watching you guys till the REAL GhostHunters returns in a few months…

  8. Hate to hear Britt got the boot, dull show without him. To many sensitive ears in this PC world. Guess the few who cried over the spilt milk don’t realize that the word faggot is used in the gay community OFTEN to slam each other. I’m hoping Britt gets another show cause he has fans who dig his work.

  9. People need to stop being so thin skinned. PC has made everyone deathly afraid they will accidently say something that will suddenly end their careers. Get over it. People screw up and if the mindset now is everyone deserves to be treated with respect and everyone deserves a second chance then that is also true when someone says something stupid and then apologizes. This kind of thing should not have the impact it has had. He said it. It was insensitive and he apologized. Why not be big enough to accept his regrets?

    1. FINALLY, sombody who gets it. People screw up every day. We say stupid things, we hurt others with our insensitivity, we gossip, we argue, etc…APOLOGIZE and move on!! He did apologize and I’m sure he has family/friends who will remind him to mind his mouth. If we were fired every time something stupid came out of our mouths most of us would be unemployed OFTEN. Try more compassion, understanding, and education. Something we all could use more of. As for the paranormal programs ending – it will really be sad. I expect we will be getting more what competition programing or cop shows (Boring). I don’t like all of the paranormal shows out, in fact GH is really the one I will watch. I’ve been around paranormal events since I was 8 yrs old-I believe. What I like most of GH they believe- just not everybody & anything! Keep on hunting guys. Stay safe!!

  10. “he has very think (thin?) skin” I believe Britt meant THICK skin, if his friend with thick skin was offended he realized he had offended many others too.

    Thanks for reporting the details.

  11. Being the one who was interviewing him at the time with my good friend Chris I know a lot more about the story then most. Britt felt bad immediately after saying it. We got a test with him expressing that.

    I didn’t condone the use of the word nor did Chris in fact when he used it I thought “Oh Shit”. He clearly was thinking the same thing. Was his punishment too harsh? Sure it was. Do I think our society is slowly becoming more and more all about censorship? Absolutely! Do I think everyone here has made the mistake of saying something derogatory or stereotypical? Yes I do. If you say you haven’t your kidding yourself.

    The word Fagot is an ugly word. Hands down and I don’t think it’s something people should use unless your from the UK or England in which case they use it for cigs “I’m going to smoke a fag”. That’s not how the word was used.

    I honestly think it was a pretty chicken shit move to report him to SyFy for using it. It was vindictive and a cheap shot. I believe it was aimed with the soul purpose of another person hating GH because they have a show. If the original article writer was indeed the person who took it upon themselves to go ahead and report it, it was indeed with the purpose of ruining his career because he was on a popular T.V. Show. That’s evident in this “PC” comment “Then again, ending paranormal tv may not be such a bad thing! “.

    What should have been done is those that had an issue with the comment should have contacted Britt via facebook or twitter via message and let him know they found it offensive. ANYONE that truly knows Britt knows that he would have been more then willing to talk about it with you and explain where it came from.. Instead like most people they took it upon themselves to be the punisher.

    Honestly its time to grow up… on both sides. You lost 25 minutes of your life and he lost his job in which he used to support his family and children because you got a bit butt hurt and decided to take your frustrations to a 3rd party. Congrats.

    Again I don’t think what he said was right. I told him that personally but I don’t think it was so bad as to loose his job.

    1. Not sure how your broadcast works, but I would assume you either have a time delay, or you pre-record. Why not merely bleep out the word? Or was it really just a matter of your wanting to broadcast a very un-PC moment to scandalous effect (maybe to boost your non-existent web presence?)

      I wonder.

  12. In my defense, when I wrote, “Then again, ending paranormal tv may not be such a bad thing! “ it was in the same vein as Brandy Green’s comment in Fate Magazine. She said, “It may throw people off when I say this, but I honestly think that the paranormal television craze has hurt the field more than helped it. ”

    As for Britt, I updated my comments with his apology. If Britt feels that he wants or needs more he can comment or even guest host. I’ve opened the blog up for authors in the past.

    No, I didn’t report Britt to Syfy or Pilgrim. Sounds like someone is dealing with a guilty conscience. It was your interview that lead to Britt’s firing — stop pointing fingers and deal with it.

    As for moving on, you are the one commenting on a post written in October of last year. If anybody needs to move along it would seem to be you.

  13. All this crying over what Britt said on some online show is reaily sad. We don’t live in a story book world folks shit happens get over it, I did . no need in all the harping over something that in the past and can’t be changed

  14. For years I keep hearing about the paranormal community; which seems like a kindergarten recess than a community of researchers; paranormal or some other field.

    I didn’t hear the interview, nor do I want to…..I’ve read Ryan’s comments and he seems to be adult about it in his blog. I haven’t seen any tweets about the subject.

    What I found a bit off about Britt was during the GOLDFIELD HOTEL investigation when he said something to the effect of, “If I was an old time cowboy, I would be down hanging with Kris Williams”…which at the time I found to be an offensive way to talk about a “team member”; even if they are of the opposite sex.

    Everyone knows Kris was a model and knew jason and Grant for at least 6 or 8 years prior to being on air with the TAPS “team”. At her age, what were these middle aged married with children doing being friends with a cute model teenager?….I’ll let you think that one through.
    The answer is probably why PILGRIM was trying to SAVE GHI by installing Kris as the team leader – but, she didn’t/doesn’t have the skill sets nor years of service under her belt to lead a world wide group….even though TAPS Paramagazine had a cover article about Kris being the FIRST WOMAN TO HOLD THE TITLE OF TEAM LEADER (fro Kris’ mouth, she was obviously was impressed with herself). Then, when push came to shove, Barry was the proper choice for the job and was given it; though the magazine has yet to write an article about what happened there….make a big boom about Kris being team leader, then she isn’t and you don’t say anything or give any explanation of why Kris isn’t the team leader of GHI.

    I feel sorry for Kris. She was probably woo’d away from TAPS/GH by PILGRIM to save their rip off TAPS show, GHI……..

    Kris is very attractive and Producers like putting attractive people on TV, it’s the sad part of our society that good looking people get opportunities they don’t deserve just due to their looks. Nothing personal, Kris, you just don’t have enough under your belt to lead a world wide team. Now, you have signed a contract with PILGRIM which severs your ties with TAPS – you sold out for money…….let’s see how far that gets you when you get tossed out on your rump, fired, jobless when GHI finally tanks, as the ratings are proving. They are trying to use your good looks, Kris, to keep their PROFITS coming in…….serves them right for pulling a fast one on TAPS/GH by even developing GHI in the first place.

    1. anyone who wrote that article and studied all those people and the circumstances that surround where they are now,are nuts…kris is attractive and what not…so what?..its a ghost hunting show and GH is great…GHI is very good…cast does make a show,and GHI is getting there.

  15. My favorite part of all the people in here basically saying he should get a pass on what he said is this. He has the right to say whatever he wants, and we, as a society have a right to respond to it. The problem arrises when Britt didnt watch his mouth ON THE AIR. I can never understand why this is so difficult for people to understand. The rules change when you put yourself in a public position, plain and simple. You cannot make crass comments in front of a wide audience because the odds of you offending go up exponetially. Everyone in here wants to blather on about “We need thicker skin” and “No big deal” and “Its in the past. Except..its not…its recorded, and in the memories of thousands. Had he and a few buds been in his living room and he said it, fine, but if you are stupid enough to lose your ability to control your words like an ADULT does…ON THE AIR no less, then sorry…you pay a price. Its the nature of the beast, and if you cant handle that, then dont be in the game. HE even stated in th interview that “If they cant deal with it, change the channel”…we Britt…your producers did. They hired him back because they are more than likely his buddies and just wanted to save a little face, and thats fine. Buts stop with the mindless defending of stupid behavior. I bet had he said something like “Stupid dumb Christian white men”…most of you would have a different take.

  16. I never have liked Britt as a GH. Shots of him running after something only he sees and not the camera is just stupid. I mean, what’s he gonna do if he does catch it ? Kind of like a dog running after a car.OH GOD! I hope i just didn’t offend the Dog community. I ‘m sorry.. Ok now to Britts comments. this is news to me, When I seen he was fired for comments my first thought was he used the F word. …. No not fag but FAKE. So I was surprised, however it brings me to an age old question. Why is it ok or seems to be ok for the Gays to use such a word but if someone straight says it, it’s a freaking sin. Same thing with an “African American” race. they can use the “N” word however if anyone else does, that person shall be punished for the rest of their life. Way to many people in this world have nothing better to do then be offended by remarks that were not made directly to them. Example, I live in the South. I hear jokes made about everyone here being dumb rednecks or cousins marrying cousins.. GUESS WHAT ???? I DON’T CARE!!!!!! Everyone needs to dry it up and get over it. And yes, I have a gay family member and I know other gay people and they feel the same as i do

    1. I’m really gatting sick of ghost hunters repeating every move they make like were all stupid and did not just see what there repeating and when I hear for the thousant time what EVP stands for it infuriates me. Also, Way to go Britt I’m never watching it again!

      1. Britt apologized for his comments and lost his job on GHI which may have worked to his advantage considering the fate of GHI. I was surprised that they re-hired him and teamed him so often with Adam.

  17. I wish America would stop being a nation of sissy ass over sensitive cry baby whiners. Freedom of speech is just that, a freedom and a right. Stop asking stupid questions if you don’t want an honest answer. If your gay, so what, I don’t care. If your black & living off the welfare system, so what, I could care less. America should stop paying people to be poor. If you’re white & like sleeping with your cousins, fine, no matter to me. If this upsets you, take a Xanax & lay down till the feeling passes. And untill people learn digression is the better part of valour, just stop interviewing people with their own opinions.

  18. this is so stupid! It’s 2014 and brit wasn’t fired! to bad for you that GH is still on the air! but great for its fan like me! haters have nothing else to complain about!!

  19. It’s 2014 and yep… this issue still bothers me. By now folks have the hindsight to see Britts apology was an incincere effort. It’s been 4 years and no one noticed he used the non apology route of ” if people were offended…” A clear sign that he has no idea what he did. We see this type of thing often. His claim that the word just happened may be correct but it just happened because his brain chose it. His mention of the Trevor project was just a mention. A classic PR gloss over. The noH8 picture is also a standard. In my eyes Britt never really apologized. He said words in order for him to continue working in front of the camera just like he always wanted to do. He’s. The same ol’ Britt who will use the word again and again just… Not in front of a microphone. He didn’t gain acceptance he learned to deceive.

    1. EVery one needs to chill to each his own and get a life .just turn the station if you don’t like the show or the person..

  20. I’m reading this in 2018. All I can say is how has this gone from a paranormal blog to a blog about sexual preference? Jesus!

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