Received in the mail

by Barry

I received my prize from Autumn over at Ghost Hunting Theories !  Yes, the mailman still hates me. It was like some odd standoff at the OK corral, both the mailman and I made  eye contact as he pulled up to the mailbox. He dropped off a pair of letters and drove away.

I walked over to the mailbox and plucked the letters from the box.  Before I reached my front door, the mailman pulled up to my mailbox again. This time he was holding a package to his ear and was giving it a little shake. 

Once again we gave each other the gunfighter stare while I again returned to the mailbox. He sped away without a word. With a certain amount of caution, I  pulled my prize from the box and gave it a shake.

Damn ! It rattled ! What in the Hell did the mailman do to my prize from Autumn !

As it turned out, one of the skittles bags had sprung a leak and skittles were rolling around inside the box.

Yes, the mailman still hates me …


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