Chile Miners Breakthrough! – by Debby

Chile Workers Digging to Free the Trapped MinersThere has been a breakthrough to the underground room where 33 Chilean miners have been trapped for 66 days on Saturday. After 33 days of drilling, the “Plan B” drill broke through to the miners 622 meters down. Celebration and cheering started as soon as the ‘Camp Hope’ siren rang out confirming the break through.  Although no one has been brought to the surface yet, everyone involved is excited about the news. Officials still have yet to decide whether they are going to bring up the miners via a capsule through the unreinforced rock tunnel they just created, or if they’re going to reinforce it with heavy steel piping first. For more info on this story, see the AP story here. Picture above courtesy of the Associate Press.

IMHO, I feel that the sooner they get these miners out, the better and Tuesday seems so very far away! So, I’ll be glued to the news reports Tuesday cheering everyone on! Hope you join me. My prayers and best wishes are with all of the workers, the miners and their families as this nightmare is coming to a close!

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  1. I’m so relieved they’re getting them out sooner than the estimates. Some of the reports didn’t have them out until December. I wonder what stories they will tell. Someone is going to have a best seller/movie deal, no doubt. We are such a macabre society.

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