Are You Ready? – by Debby

According to a ‘Miracles and Inspiration’ news article by Scott Mowry, the Vatican, the Obama administration and the European Space Agency (among others) are gearing up to make a revelation of great proportions that will shake not only the Catholic & Christian religions but the whole world to it’s very core! As early as some time this month, it seems that some UFO experts think that the above mentioned organizations will reveal the existance of ETs! And that they have been actively preparing us for this revealion through various means. For instance, the Pope’s senior astronomer, Brother Guy Consolmagno stated recently that he would baptize ETs if they asked him as they too might have souls. Intrepid scientist and NASA investigator Richard Hoagland commented on the Coast to Coast AM radio show on September 17th that he believes this comment by Brother Consolmagno is a clear indication that an ET disclosure may happen very soon by saying to the radio host George Noory, “This is obviously a planned run up to disclosure, I mean there is no other way to account for this.”
Mr. Hoagland in November 2008 at the Secrets Conference in a presentation called “The Hyper-dimensional Election of Barack Obama” stated that the Obama administration is stoutly committed to making a disclosure announcement and that “Obama’s entire election is about making the hidden history of the human race finally unhidden.”
Mr. Hoagland believes that this disclosure will include the announcement that “the European Space Agency (ESA) may be ready to reveal the news that the moon Phobos orbiting around Mars is actually an ancient extra-terrestrial craft. There is going to be an accelerating cascade of these events, not only from the Vatican… you are going to see things coming from our administration. There is a lot of clues that we are getting closer to some kind of official movement this Fall… think of an ‘October surprise’,” he added. He speculated that the October or November time frame may be the most likely, says Scott Mowry.
UFO investigator for over 40 years, Dr. Stanton Friedman seems to agree and on the same Coast to Coast radio show he stated “that the Pope has taken several critical steps over the last year that seem to be setting the world up for extra-terrestrial disclosure. What does he know that we don’t know? It sounds like he is getting Catholics ready for the big disclosure.”
With the Vatican’s chief astronomer Father Jose Gabriel Fune’s comment in May 2008 “just as we consider earthly creatures as ‘a brother,’ and ‘sister,’ why should we not talk about an ‘extraterrestrial brother’? It would still be part of creation”, the Vatican’s symposium in Rome on the possibility of the existance of ETs in November 2009 where over 30 of the world’s best scientist, astronomers and scholars attended and the Vatican’s Monsignor Corrado Balducci proclaiming that extraterrestrial contact is a real phenomena on Italian TV, is it any wonder why there are some believing the same as Mr. Hoagland and Dr. Friedman?
And to top this all off, UFO researcher Larry Lowe stated in the ‘Pheonix Examiner’ about the new series “The Event” airing on the NBC Network, “I can assure you that the viewer will be treated to the unprecedented visualization of the President of the United States finally admitting to the public that ET exists — and that some of them look a lot like us and are here on the planet already.”
To read even more, click here for the full article by Scott Mowry.
So, as Scott Mowry asks, ARE YOU READY?

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  1. Bring it on. I’m ready for ET. I’m kind of tired of earthlings. Maybe they have something new to offer us to evolve a bit more quickly. At least they could have a little discussion with the gun-toting conservatives and fundamentalists and maybe help them with their evolutionary-impairment. This is pretty cool news, actually. I live in Phoenix and have seen lots of UFOs. It’s pretty much like how Alaskans feel about Northern Lights, “take it or leave it.” I would like to just verify that we’re not all mass hallucinating.

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