Ghost Hunters: Grammar School Ghosts

Once again our intrepid ghost hunters chase phantom shadows in an alleged haunted location. This time they visit Milton Elementary School in Alton, Illinois. According to local legend a young girl was murdered on the site by an evil janitor. However; there is no evidence to confirm that the sad tale ever happened, no police records and no newspaper reports. But why let a little thing like facts stop a good old ghost hunt ?

Jay, Grant, Joe Chin, Britt, Amy, and Kris wander through an old abandoned school and freak out at a few odd noises. It begs the question, if there were no noises would the GH team have created some ? Another question ran through my little grey cells, what happened to KJ McKinnon ?

This may be the last that we see of Britt. After his comments, I for one will be happy to see him go. Check out some of the strange stuff that dribbled from the mouth of Britt Griffith.  I, for one, will be glad to see him go to GHI where ghost hunter careers go to die.

Joe Chin was his normal Joe Chin self, “yeah, I heard that — what was it ?” Amy gave us a comment about how creepy the place was. Kris gave us her regular boob-shot. I think the funniest part of the show was Jason.

Jason sees a spark, that we the audience don’t see, and decides to touch the item that he thought sparked. Maybe he realized the show was so dull that he was trying to electrocute himself and get it over with ? After his failed attempt to electrocute himself, he set up a camera to catch it sparking. Another ghost hunting technique to avoid, if you think an item in an abandoned building is charged with electricity, DON’T TOUCH IT !

On the plus side, Steve Gonsalves and David Tango will return for the next episode.


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  1. Should I be glad that Tango and Steve are coming back or does that make me really pathetic? You know the show is circling the drain when Steve’s lectures and Tango’s confused expressions are more exciting than Kris’s high-pitched whiney voice and Grant’s utter confusion about everything. I think these characters remind me of old childhood stories, like Hansel and Gretel and Goldilocks and the Three Bears. They were so endearing at one time and now they just seem pathetically stuck for all eternity in the same cycle over and over again…. Kind of like GH is haunting itself, huh?

    1. Well an attractive woman like you should have no problems attracting a large male audience. However; any new paranormal show that hopes to be successful will have to do something that no other show does. Either its all for laughs, or its over the top sexy, or its heavy on spirituality.

      As for me, I would like to see something heavy with spirituality. Something that brings together people rather than driving them to their demominational corner.

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