The dark side of Britt Griffith

Listen to the Britt Griffith interview

Could the choice of Britt as a new cast member be the end of the Ghost Hunters International show?  Sadly, the cast members of the show have been dropping like flies.  After listening to Britt’s comments, I have to wonder if Ghost Hunters has done anything in the way of vetting its team members.

Among some of the more disturbing remarks are:

  • “You get on the east coast, the west coast and they’re all anti-gun pu…ssy faggots.”
  • “I no longer investigate unarmed.”
  • “I’m very blue-collar, I’m R-rated, if four-letter words offend you, you know how to turn the sound off.”
  • The public is stupid, and you guys, if the public wants to go out and kill each other, then whatever, go for it.  I got my guns, and uh…I’ll protect my own.”

Check out the interview at the above link or read Anita Brown’s article “Paranoia, homophobia, and racism on the front lines of the paranormal field” where she takes Griffith to task for his comments.  It really begs the question if SyFy and Pilgrim will stick with a guy like this? Britt may be the last nail in the GHI coffin.

7 responses to “The dark side of Britt Griffith”

  1. I believe that everyone in this country has the right to have guns, if they are responsible adults and not members of gangs or violent people. But I also believe there are those out there that have the right not to have or carry them if that is what they choose to do. I do not however think that those people have the right to tell those who do have and carry legally that we are wrong and should not have them. We have the right to protect ourselves and our family. I loved watching Britt on GH, but I agree that his use of the term was wrong and so should he. I am a christian and believe that according to the bible, gays will not go to heaven. But that is my belief according to God and I will not push that on others. Their sexuality is their business and they will have to stand before God and answer for their choice. He was wrong in using that word “fag” to get his point across and I feel that he could have used another word and had a better effect and kept his job. I think he does a wonderful job and admire his and all the other GH’s team members courage in what they do. I am very interested in the paranormal and one day hope to be able to do my own investigating. I am trying to learn from watching them and wish them all good luck and also to you Britt.

    1. Just shows his education level by using those words. It’s a shame that he lost a career on TV. Took his job for granted. I always liked him investigating on both GH and GHI. Don’t people like this know a great thing when they have it or are they just STUPID!!!!!

  2. I applaud you for covering this story, I had heard this 3rd party but was hoping somebody would bring this to light. The thing of it is this, marginalized groups have been targets for decades. And we all know if he has used the other word, the “N” word, he would have been fired and there would be a huge letter writing campaign to get his show off the air.

    The gay rights movement may not have the same numbers as the various racially driven movements, but that does not make it any less important, or disgraceful in this context.

  3. Britt shot himself in the foot with his comments. LOL

  4. I don’t think he was fired…I was just watcing GHI’s NEWEST investigationg. Britt’s on it.

  5. […] Britt is no stranger to controversy with Ghost Hunters, as he was terminated in 2010 for language and behavioral issues including claims of being a paranoid, homophobic, racist, with many disturbing on air remarks like the following: […]

  6. I agree with Britt Griffith 1 million percent!! There is a bunch of pansies running around nowadays

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