My thoughts of Ghost Hunters at Lemp Mansion

Once again, our intrepid ghost hunters visit another tourist haunted site in search of paranormal evidence. This time Jay and Grant visit Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, Missouri. You can tell when a show is winding down, when the hosts seem to be sleepwalking through the episodes. In this case, I thought that Jay was going to fall asleep on the client’s bed.

The team managed to collect a few sounds, most of which could have been caused by anything.  As a person who has a fireplace, I hear odd sounds traveling down the chimney all the time. Sadly, we don’t seem to see the effort to debunk the claims of paranormal activity that we saw in earlier seasons.

“‘Atlantis”, “Comet”, or CRAP ! Even the most hardcore true believers of Ghost Hunters had to shake their collective heads in disbelief.  At one point Jay whispers a word that is transferred to the waiting ears of Grant by a ghost. Sadly, the paranormal mutterings were not picked up on Grant’s recorder — uh oh. Although,  Grant clearly heard them. Later, during the review, Amy suggests that Grant may be psychic.  I think the word that poor Amy was looking for was pre-arranged  not psychic. I noticed that J&G didn’t show their Magnificent Carmac moment to the client.

Silly K2 blinking lights and pseudo mentalist tricks made this episode one of the most face-palm episodes in the history of Ghost Hunters. Thank you SyFy!

5 thoughts on “My thoughts of Ghost Hunters at Lemp Mansion

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  1. I’m still waiting for them to start shooting out some ectoplasm! Yeah, if I want to take the totally naive route that it was a genuine test, then it confirms what I’ve always known that the two of them work together so well because they are both sensitive and that’s what makes them ghost “magnets.” The KII meter happens to be near Grant more often than not when it goes off and Jason tends to be able to activate things. If you get the right two investigators together it’s magic, but that’s not saying it’s ghosts, but that they may both be psychic sensitives in some form or other.

  2. Nothing but simple parlor tricks a pull of a string, a did you see that, a did you hear that, a knock on a wall, a stomp on the floor, all simple things. Its nothing more than a small echo of the spiritualist movement of the past. Hoaxers will be busted for fraud and the interest in the paranormal will fade. In time, the field will return to those who are truely interested in the subject.

  3. I agree. They may carry tools to make it look scientific, but then Victorian era spiritualists used cameras to photograph the dead. With all the money thrown at them and having fled the trailer for an office downtown in RI, you’d think the guys would be saying “how can we advance the field?” Maybe make friends with some nice scientists, run a long-term study in one location instead of rushing from house to house across America….

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