My first Halloween

Perhaps I should say that this was my first Halloween costume or the first that I can remember. I was living in Hawaii at the time. The thing that sticks out the most in my mind was the ability of the neighbors to guess who I was. It wasn’t until some years had pasted that I realized how easy it must have been to identify me, since I was the only white or haole kid in the neighborhood.

Among those who disliked me or white people in general, I remained the haole kid, but my friends called me Pali or Barry. I thought that they were calling me pal, but as I later learned Pali was the Hawaiian version of Barry.

As each Halloween rolls around , I can’t help but think of the words, “mahalo nui loa.” The phrase means “thank you very much” and I was reminded to say it after every handful of halloween candy.

I learned a lot in Hawaii, but the most important thing was that poi tastes like it sounds.


2 thoughts on “My first Halloween

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  1. My brother lived in Hawaii the first 5 or 6 years of his life and he loved poi. I went there to visit and spit it out. I guess it’s acquired. I know some fools who don’t like grits. You were so darned cute! You are as unique as your upbringing, my friend.

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