My thoughts of GH S06E15: Signals from the Past

gulls on GH location
gulls on GH location

The GH team investigates another lighthouse and the Baseball Hall of Fame. They manage to pick up some questionable evps and an interesting thermal hit at the lighthouse. I think that the thermal hit and the evps can be explained as gulls. However; I will keep an open mind about the thermal hit.

I had to laugh at the door stunt pulled by Britt. This is the second episode in a row in which Britt has freaked out over a door moving.

Notice the door isn't closed
Notice the door isn't closed
Britt experiments with the door
Britt experiments with the door

Britt fiddles will the other door causing enough breeze to cause the unlatched door to swing open. Very lame … very obvious. I guess that and running toward shadows that the viewers don’t see are the skills that Britt will bring to GHI.  Speaking about running after shadows, did anyone notice that the cameraman doesn’t even turn the camera to look at what Britt is allegedly seeing?

Amy kicks open door
Amy kicks open door

I think that the funniest thing that I have seen lately on GH was watching Amy kick open a bathroom door. That was awesome! Of course, the purpose was to recreate a sound. When the first attempt to recreate the sound failed because it was too light, Amy kicks the second door.  The sound could have been anything, but we will never know what it could have been, because Amy decided that it was the men’s room door. Science Ghost Hunter style baby, that’s how we roll !

This episode was pretty much what you would expect out of a typical Ghost Hunters episode.


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