My thoughts of Ghost Adventures at Gettysburg

Ghost Adventures plays soldiers
Ghost Adventures plays soldiers

Ok, ok, let me first start off by saying that I get a kick out of the Ghost Adventures cast. Not because they are good paranormal investigators. I enjoy the show because they are so bad. They are to paranormal investigations what the movie “Plan Nine From Outer Space” is to scifi.   It’s so bad its good. 

I spent the evening chatting with the Ghost Hunting Theories folks and watching GA at Gettysburg. I liked some of the comments that Autumn made about Zak and the boys.  

 It was only a matter of time before the GA cast followed all of the other paranormal shows to Gettysburg. Zak, Nick, and Aaron dressed up like Federal troops and fought off the Rebs in dramatic fashion.  I had to wonder if it was too politically incorrect to play a confederate. I guess that Zak so enjoyed playing as a  Civil War soldier that he kept his Yankee kepi. 

The guys investigated the Soldiers’ National Museum, the  Jenny Wade House, and the engine house.  At one location, they had a stone allegedly thrown. I wondered if the show was turning into “Most Haunted” who are well known for their stone throwing hoaxes. They also managed to collect some evps; although, most weren’t clear to me.  One evp allegedly said  “I’m pregnant” but I wonder if that term would have used by a woman of that era. 

The team also used that odd voice synthesis device. In theory a spirit changes energy to generate speech. The biggest problem that I have with that is how does a spirit know to do that? The device is pre-loaded with words. What if those “pre-loaded” words have nothing to do with what I, as a spirit, really wanted to say? I think that it is little more than the magic flashlight used by the Ghost Hunters cast or the ouija board used by the Most Haunted cast. 

From time to time the GA crew finds something interesting. However; most of the show is really the personalities. I guess the best part of the show was Zak reacting to being touched on the butt. Autumn quipped that it might be Zak’s incubus.   

Watch your butt Zak ! Your incubus may still be following you.


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  1. Yes! Yes! Yes! (said with orgasmic enthusiasm). I do love The Boys but like you said, because they’re so bad they’re good, like SyFy Original Movies such as “Sharktopus.” They are pure entertainment. I like to think of the boys in the neighborhood where I grew up, if they went out and searched abandoned haunted places and dared each other. I’m purely entertained and that is why I have a weekly drinking game for every episode.

  2. They are definitely cheap entertainment. It was great to get my GA fix. I felt so much better afterwards. Zak’s tight Levis are apparently attracting the ghosts. Was it male or female, don’t know. His reaction was funny.

  3. Being a Gettysburg local, I was excited to see what they were going to show.. Let me say, I didn’t even watch it. I missed the broadcast of the episode and planned to watch it when they re-broadcast, but before I could I heard from EVERYONE in the community that it was awful. I heard that they had the history completely screwed up, and claimed they were here in July during the reenactment (when they were actually here a month later in mid August). They even went as far as stealing evidence gathered over a year ago to be used for the show. And I’m not talking about old GAC evidence. They stole someone elses EVP’s off of a website and used 2 of them for the show, and acted as if THEY CAPTURED IT!!! I used to be a huge Ghost Adventures fan (considering they do exactly what u shouldn’t do in an investigation). But now, I have lost all respect for them.

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