GHI S02E19: Pirates of the Caribbean

Ghost Hunters International is Coming !!!


The Ghost of Robin Hood, Sweeney Todd, and now the Pirates of the Caribbean nobody hypes more outrageously than GHI. Well, this will be the mid-summer finale. This split season thing drives me crazy.    

Things I will be looking for in this episode: Will this be the last time Robb is the GHI team leader? Will Barry take over as team leader? Will anyone but me care? Is this the beginning of the decline for paranormal shows?    

I will update this post during the show with my impressions.   

I liked the experiment with the slide-show. It’s a shame that we the audience couldn’t see the slides. What has happened to Joe Chin? He has talked more in this episode than in the entire time he has been with GHI.  

Maybe it’s just me but Barry sounds like he is saying parrot instead of pirate. I almost feel sorry for the team, they look like they are melting in the heat. 

 Susan really stepped up during the analysis. She seemed to pick up all of the evps. 

Despite the loss of a couple of team members, the team performed as well as expected. I have to wonder about the accuracy of EMF spikes during a thunderstorm. I wonder if Barry may need subtitles. Parrots? I guess that I will always remember this as the “Parrots of the Caribbean” episode.


8 thoughts on “GHI S02E19: Pirates of the Caribbean

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  1. Parrots…that’s freaking hilarious cause I walked into the room during the show and heard something about parrots and wondered why he thought parrots had anything to do with the hunt and how a parrot would in any way help their endeavors. I readily admit that this entire half season, I’ve seen exactly zero episodes. It just lost all its steam to go to interesting places. I think the last episode I got excited about was that hospital in the south pacific from the old military base. Their team changes so much, I just lose interest. It’s kind of like if the basketball season had them trading players 4 times during the season. Your team just doesn’t have a lineup you can identify on the floor.

    1. Ghost Parrot
      There was once a pub landlord who had a pet parrot. The parrot used to live in the pub’s bar and was much admired by all the regulars.

      Unfortunately, one day the parrot was chased out of the pub by a cat and was killed as it flew into the traffic on the busy road outside. The pub landlord was heart broken.

      For the following year when the pub was closed, the landlord was sure he sometimes heard his parrot talking to him. A year to the day after the parrot died, the landlord was sitting in his pub after closing time doing the pub’s accounts. He looked up and saw the ghost of his dead parrot.

      “Hello” said the landlord “what are you doing here”

      “I’m a parrot who can’t rest” replied the parrot “I can’t go to parrot heaven and I’ve been stuck here as a ghost for the past year”

      “What’s the matter” asks the landlord “can I help?”

      “Well” says the parrot “when I was run over by the traffic outside, my tail came off. I can’t go to heaven until my tail is put back on, I’ve had to carry it with me for the past year. Can you put my tail back on me?”

      “I’m sorry, I can’t do that” replied the landlord “it would be against the law”

      “Why would it be against the law?” asked the parrot ghost.

      “Well” said the landlord “I’m a licensed pub landlord and it’s against the law for me to re-tail spirits after closing time”!!!

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