Some More “Big Brother” Issues!

Think you can browse and just shop anonymously in Wal-Mart? Think again! As of August 1st Wal-Mart took a tool they had to track pallets of merchandise in their warehouses and supply chains called radio-frequency ID tags (RFID tags) and are now placing them into clothing tags! So now when you buy a pair of jeans or some UNDERWEAR, you can be tracked while wearing them throughout the store by anyone holding a hand held scanner!

You say, so what? Just rip off the tags. Well, guess what? You might be able to remove the tag, but the RFID tag itself can’t be turned off.  So, when you throw it into your garbage, marketers or CROOKS driving by could scan it and see what you’ve just purchased! And how many of us usually remove the tags? So, if you’re not aware of this issue, most likely, the tag stays put! Plus, the hand held scanners used to scan these tags, can scan ANY RFID enhanced CARDS such as the new drivers licenses NY and Washington State is issuing, ID cards, BANK cards, etc!  Combine this with your credit card info and WHALA! … a store could assign a number to you and identify you every time you enter their store! And if a store could do this, so couldn’t crooks who manage to get a hold of these scanners, or anybody else for that matter.

And also think about this. These tags use RADIO frequency. That means, LISTENING ability. Do you really want someone to have the possibility of listening to your underwear? SIGH… Big Brother is LISTENING America!

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