GHI: “Demons of Nicaragua”

I guess we should call the episode the “Demons of Ghost Hunters International” I don’t think that I have ever seen a cast of a show fall apart so consistently and so completely as GHI. Even Robb will be leaving the show soon.

Cast members pop in and out of the show like waiters in a busy restaurant.  Joe Chin is little more than a warm body that fills in with either Ghost Hunters or Ghost Hunters International. Last night Joe popped in as did Scott; although, both Brandy and Ashley disappeared.  What happened to the ladies?

Case #1: Coyotepe Fortress, Nicaragua

The team collected some odd evps; but, when you consider the area I would expect sounds that I would be unfamiliar with.  The “laser grid” was interesting, I like seeing different equipment in use. While it was interesting, I am not sold on the idea that it was paranormal.

Case #2: Leon Museum, Nicaragua

An evp of the word “Si” or do we think that its a word. Are we hearing what we want to hear? I think that I hear the phone ring every time I step into the bathroom. As for the lights, I think that may come from a vehicle.

What will become of GHI?

Maybe it will fall apart or maybe new blood is needed to make the show fresh.


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