Received in the mail today

I won the Haunted Histories Collection DVD boxed set from Season of Shadows.  Yes, the mailman hates me, he had to get out of his jeep and walk all the way to the front door (again).  This means that I have something to do on Friday nights, Autumn, so I may not be online to chat (hee hee).

8 thoughts on “Received in the mail today

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  1. Very cool! Glad you got it so quickly Barry. Hope you didn’t get carpal tunnel from having to remove all my bubble tape? 😉 Thanks for the post. And when you get a kiss from Autumn, I want to see that in a picture, too!


    1. I’m surprised by the speed as well, because my mailman hates me. If I am ever murdered the mailman went postal. Of course, it could be the waiter at the Hu Nan restaurant but that another story. Thanks again I enjoyed the contest. I enjoy winning any contest if for no other reason than to push the mailman to his breaking point.

      1. That’s ok Barry. I fear for the postman more than you, with that sword collection you have! LOL Besides, that postman would be in fear for his life if he ever harmed even one little hair on you from one honorary southerner yankee by the name of Debby!! *BIG SMILE*

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