Fact or Faked: Predator

Last night’s Fact or Faked took on the legend of the Beast of Dartmoor. They compared the blurry video to a lion, dog, and pony but could not find the answer to the Dartmoor mystery.

However; one simple search of google gave me the most logical answer. It seems that the “Beast of Dartmoor” is nothing more than a Newfoundland – called Troy.

Why didn’t FoF try a Newfoundland before decided that the creature in the blurry video was not a dog. The story has been out there for some time. Why not contact the family? Why not take a few pictures of the dog?

At one point, the FoF crew heard a loud growl. Why wasn’t the growl analyzed?

I can’t help but wonder if Fact or Faked is extremely inept or deceptive. I’m beginning to lean toward deceptive.


10 thoughts on “Fact or Faked: Predator

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  1. Oh, I love that beast! Why can’t my neighborhood have one? That is PRECISELY what it looked like! It’s kind of like that balloon/ufo episode. One rental of a UFO-looking balloon and it was exactly the one in the video–that was moving in ways that made no sense for a craft but perfect sense for a balloon. You seriously need to take the reigns on that show, buddy. They need a guy who can use Google…

    1. …. and I was nearly as hard on FoF here as I was on your blog! If people want to know what I really think of FoF they should read some of the comments in your blog. lol

  2. Barry, cutie, you really do give it to `em. You’re a thinking man, so that show has to make you rather daft, huh? I look at it like most SyFy channel stuff like Megasharks and ice spiders–with great amusement. Should they ever pull a real hit out of their fannies, I’ll be stupified and speechless. You and I might not even be able to respond with coherent words. p.s. I say SyFy gives us corner offices and we take over the world (rubbing my hands together like a mad scientist)

    1. Yes … yes … world domination !!! Wait a minute — I think that was on the syfy channel last night. I could set aside ideas of world domination for a woman who doesn’t wear pj’s !

    1. I may have to video Peppy and let the FoF crew decide if he is a chupacabra or not. All I have to say is that since I have had him, there have been no goats in my neighborhood.

  3. They tested how dog’s in general run and it didn’t match the run to the Beast which was leaping across the plain, look at how bulky the dog is compared to the slim toned back legs of the Beast.

    1. Anonymous, you’ve never seen a wet dog in full stride? I think that this is a case were a reasonable person would see a large wet dog running across a moor rather than a monster. I’d like to keep an open mind, but a blurry picture of a wet dog doesn’t work for me.

  4. The FoF story then came up with a lion-wild boar hybrid as a “potential answer” to the problem of the Beast of Dartmoor. What? Don’t these people know that such aa hybrid is genetically impossible?
    I gave up on the programme aftter that guff. Still, I did wonder if it were a panther/lion hybrid; but was told by someone with experience of big cats that the offspring of a panther (really a leopard with the spots covering the majority of the fur) and a lion would be nearer the colour of a lion than a panther — or, just possibly, a lion with (faint) spotting.

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