Robb Demarest is out and Britt Griffith is in!

I am totally shocked at the news that Robb Demarest has quit the show. I think that plenty of us have wondered what is going on at GHI with the ever-changing cast members. I know I have often joked that it is the place where ghost hunter careers go to die — but Robb ?!?!

I guess this means that Barry Fitzgerald will move into the team leader spot.  While Britt Griffith may be a good investigator, I don’t see him as a team leader. Although, having said that, why not have a woman as team leader?

Only time will tell what has gone so wrong with the casting of GHI. Perhaps it is nothing more than the travel. But, I can’t help but wonder if there is something else destroying each season’s team?

I wish the best  of luck to Brett. With the GHI history, you’re going to need all the luck that you can find.