Major shakeup at GHI, Demarest quits

Robb Demarest is out and Britt Griffith is in!

I am totally shocked at the news that Robb Demarest has quit the show. I think that plenty of us have wondered what is going on at GHI with the ever-changing cast members. I know I have often joked that it is the place where ghost hunter careers go to die — but Robb ?!?!

I guess this means that Barry Fitzgerald will move into the team leader spot.  While Britt Griffith may be a good investigator, I don’t see him as a team leader. Although, having said that, why not have a woman as team leader?

Only time will tell what has gone so wrong with the casting of GHI. Perhaps it is nothing more than the travel. But, I can’t help but wonder if there is something else destroying each season’s team?

I wish the best  of luck to Brett. With the GHI history, you’re going to need all the luck that you can find.


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  1. They have totally ruined GHI. They might as well take it off the air. Robb, Dustin, Brandy and Ashley were the show. Joe and Britt are nice enough, but forgettable. Barry is dry as dust with no personality or audience appeal. Send Kris back to TAPS before she gets sucked into the abyss, and let’s keep our memories.

    1. Robb was very organized and intelligent while and like him much better than Jason and Grant. Kris is nice but silly acting and does not come across as very educated. The people making the decisions for the GHI are trying to make it as bad TAPS. Jason and Grant have reached their potential as paranormal investigators. I am constantly disappointed by the small amount of paranormal evidence they find and appear to be just going through the motions. They have ruined the show they created and are now intent on ruining GHI. I hope they never put Steve and Tango on GHI because they are as goofy and bland as Jason and Grant. How do they manage to remain on TV when they barely find any paranormal evidence at some of the most haunted sites in America. Ghost Adventures does a much better job than Taps. Good luck Robb and Brandy GHI will not be worth watching without the two of you!

      1. Please Robb was as exciting as a slug! And Brandy was so annoying I had to mute the TV every time she opened her mouth. Why those two were ever cast is beyond my imagination! GHI was BORING!!! Even the ghosts were put to sleep by them! No wonder they never had any monumental paranormal experiences! Now with the new cast maybe it will actually pick up speed and be more enticing to watch, (aside from Joe Chin, he is another snore fest! He should have left with the rest of them) – I know one thing I actually just found out about the change last night when I watched GHI and it made my whole night to know that I would no longer have to be subjected to the “Slug Man” or” Bubbles (Brandy with her annoying voice, she was terrible! Hope she finds something that does not require her to use her speaking voice on TV ever again! Hope she finds her hairbrush too – she never seemed to use one her whole time on GHI!).
        I love Jason and Grant, and Tango and Steve crack me up! GHI I only watched because I am a loyal Ghost Hunters fan from their very first season. Thank you for leaving Robb & Brandy!

        1. boy you must be a very boring peson.i was never crazy about ghi.but robb was well as brandy.this so called boring irishman,i dont even want to say his name and kris her voice sounds like shes in constant these two.i bet theres alot more than the show going on between them.she acts stupid.i never liked her .i miss donna.steve and tango are just going through the motions are jason and grant since they started there hotel business.the halloween show was stupid.a farce.not like the fort delawre show.bringing in stars.then acting stupid.they use to catch stuff now they just rush through.i did like it when meatloaf was on and the actor from eureca..ghost adventure guys have been to alot of the same places and have cought what ghost hunters didnt.i use to love all the original people and the show.its jason grant steve tango joe chin kris,the stupid irish guy britt.they are the ones that ruined it..

          1. You’ve got to be kidding. The best thing that ever happened to Ghost Hunters was Donna leaving and Kris taking over for her. Donna was the worst…complained about everything, and was annoying as nails on a chalkboard.

        2. At first, I thought GHI was boring too. Robb gets on my nerves especially that one time, I forget which episode it was. They caught a flying bug out in the court yard, and Robb would say, “That’s a ghost, a flying orb” – Oh my goodness, I just thought he was so retarded. It’s a flying bug!, I would scream. I just stop watching after that. Now I see Kris is on there, and Robb is out, so I personally think the show is a little better and I am giving this show a shot again.

          1. Please drop the term “retarded” in the way you are using it. It is hurtful to people who have an intellectual disability and their families. If you think someone is being ignorant, say so.

            I’ve worked with adults who have mental retardation as a diagnosis for over thirty years. I have a niece who has mental retardation. This is something that’s important to us.

            1. What is truly “retarded” HYPNOBARB are those who are self appointed armchair experts at conducting paranormal investigations and assessments and would criticize Demarest for mistaking an insect for an orb in pitch black darkness. I love the critics who may have never been on a ghost hunt nor been part of a show that has been poorly edited and denigrate an investigator or the investigation. Those “I could do that in my sleep” so called armchair experts do not even have the excuse of being developmentally disabled or challenged.

              1. As a paranormal investigator of thirty-four years experience, I hear what you are saying.

                As the aunt of a woman who has severe mental retardation and a professional who has run programs for adults with intellectual disabilities for thirty-two years, I am speaking on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves. The term “retarded”, when used in this way, denigrates people who have an intellectual disability. THEY don’t like being referred to as “retarded”, In common useage, it has stopped being a diagnosis and is now an insult.

                Do you really think that the Downs Syndrome woman who bags your groceries deserves to be insulted?

                This is a nationwide campaign by individuals with intellectual disabilities, their families, and those who advocate on their behalf.


      2. Ghost Adventures is too dramatic!!! And I think some of their “evidence” is boosted up a little. In other words they make more out of some of what they find, then is really there. Ghost Hunters is more true to the evidence and does far more debunking!! Don’t get me wrong, I watch Ghost Adventures every Friday night, but I watch every ghost hunting show I can find!! Just because they disprove more than they prove does not mean they are boring.

        1. at first i thought at least it would be funny.but as i watched their shows,they are getting good.yes they ge a little dramatic.but they go out of their way to prove what happens is my life time ive had expeiences.believe me.i got a little dramatic.their getting very advanced equipment.and with just the three of them,theres no way to pull a fast one.and they are very sympathetic to people .yes they can be funny.thats good.but they take it serious and have brought in experts.ghost hunters,i think thye should get new leaders.and not berry ,kris..joe chin.all new ones.

          1. At least I can stay awake while watching Zak,Nick,&Aaron !

            someone said J & G are just going through the ‘motions’ (until their contract

            runs out?) and during hiatus I follow J. on FB and all he does is play with his dogs

            and show up at ‘meet and greets’ when he HAS TO!

            and they have not actually found or even ‘tried’ to find a ghost in many months.
            as someone said “they try to de-bunk everything’!

            BORING !

            As far has GHI , Rob Demerest , and gang had a good thing going…until they sent
            Kris in to ‘take over’ and brought in that Yankee from Brooklyn NY (Scott!)

            That whispery voice of Kris’s is so directed at the men! ( lots of clevage doesn’t hurt,and she sure shows those puppies off !) (guess she thinks she’s sexy like her ex-partner
            Amy who is getting a LOT of attention on FB, and lovin’ it ! Kris is irritating as heck! and Amy
            if you follow her on FB she sounds like she’s doing an East Coast Pub Crawl’

            Donna at least had a real interest in the subject and YES, she was very ill ( i know someone
            with the same disease) BTW did you know that she’s an Engineer? (not on a train!)

            Don’t know what they had planned for GHI that Rob could not agree with, but it must
            have been something really stupid , like putting TANGO AND STEVE in charge!

            No one has said what Rob is doing>
            anyone know?

            I miss GHI ! I miss the castles etc. where all the ghosts REALLY LIVE!

            1. To me you act like you know everything.yes kris&any are both very beautiful women .why don’t you stop complaining about gosthunters

            2. Ghost Adventures is the dumbest show on paranormal and is an insult to any serious ghost hunter, every ‘ possession’ is faked, utter and complete nonsense, they react or rather, overreact worse than a scared little girl. Terrible garbage, the only reason it’s still on TV is some girls and guys find Zac good looking, if they didn’t, this how would be long gone.

        2. ghost adventures is far better , even the drama(passion) give the show the feelings Ghost Hunter fails at, I think ghost hunters fudge their evidence, steve …tango what a pair of ding dongs, GHOST ADVENTURES 10…GHOST HUNTERS 2(and that is for jason and grant, fire the rest just have those 2)

        3. I agree. I don’t believe that GH ever creates evidence that they do not find. I love GH and and glad that Grant, Jason, Steve & the rest of the team don’t show evidence it they don’t find it. I think we all should respect the fact that just because there was paranormal activity on a location they were on in the past does not mean that they will find it in the future. I don’t watch or like shows that create fake evidence to boost ratings on their shows. I am a loyal fan to GH and they don’t go in to necessarily “find” evidence, they go there to help people & try to disprove as much as they can. I respect them for that.

        4. Their evidence ( Ghost Adventures) has been proven false, some guy claiming something was knocked out of his hand and it was proven that he actually threw it. They had to come on and apologize that they said it was for real. They are just acting out a staged play to make a show interesting or so they think.

          I think GH has at least a bit of common sense left and hopefully GHI will also get their act together and return to what the show originally started out as.

          1. About the Ghost Adventurers evidence you point out (just one incident, by the way, does not exactly prove a point)… that guy was a “guest” on the show. It was fairly obvious the trio/show was embarrassed that they invited him and at least they admitted it was faked.

            Ghost Hunters has become awful… they’re not even fun to watch with a grain of salt anymore. Used to have fun ambiance, but now you just have them constantly “{gasp} Did you see that?”… “I just saw a shadow figure!”… “I can’t believe we keep seeing all these incredible ghostly sights and just miraculously don’t have a camera on them!”. Ok… I made the last one up. As for GHI, Barry is a joke… and Kris is only good to look at. I’d rather look at Amy though… still pretty and at least she doesn’t annoy me.

          2. Noone on the GA team said that fake evidence was real. They took the man at his word that the device was knocked out of his hand because it was dark and they weren’t aware that he had thrown it until afterwards when they reviewed the video. They then banned the faker from future shows and apologized to the viewers. GH fakes evidence and if you don’t believe me, try checking out the videos on youtube that show how Jason and Grant have blantantly faked evidence. Anyone remember that stupid episode where the GH team member put his jacket over his head and ran in front of the thermal camera pretending to be a “ghost”. Give me break. I knew when that happened that Jason and Grant weren’t even trying anymore. I’m not even going to get into all the things that Grant throws when off camera like clothes hangers, etc. Not to mention the Bisbee hotel episode when he pulled a string to lift his bed covers off his foot. I stopped watching GH years ago because I couldn’t deal with the stupidity any more. I stopped watching GHI when they removed Robb. GA is the only show I enjoy anymore.

        5. I agree, Ghost Hunters is so much better and I love it. I own the first 5 seasons of it. Great stuff. Steve and Tango cracks me up, Amy and Kris was great together and Jason and Grant is a good team. I love that show. When Brian was on there – he created drama and it was funny and entertaining.


        7. How can you say GAC overstates the evidence? TAPS could care less, Jason sits or lays down every chance he gets. They come across as not giving a dam. GAC has verifiable evidence and know the history of what they are investigating. TAPS goes in for an hour and as Jason always says “wrap it up” after they spend five hours setting it up. He lacks all social skills and is doing it for one reason…..MONEY.

      3. I find puzzle at first..whatever happened to Robb and Brandy? My first reacton with Robb, he’s seems a nice man and know around with his things well organized and intelligent. Brandy is very annoying with her voice, everytime she opened her mouth I put mute so fast as I can. Same with Kris, she talks like little girl, she need speech therapy. I really miss Donna and she is a sweet lady. I think these team needs to have some goofy and joke around to spike up with Tango and Steve are funny ones. Sometime it need to crack up once a while, why not? I wish GHI good luck and hope their rate is up with million people watching.

          1. I was wondering about Susan and her feelings of nausea. Do you think she’s telling the truth about her experiences? The jury’s still out on her.

      4. Please, if you really believe in the paranormal – or possibility of such – then you know that ‘ghosts’ do not perform on command! Ghost Adventures is a real joke to the paranormal community, at least based on the way they present themselves; i.e. idiotic, immature and over-dramatic. Every single place they go, they claim they hear a voice, felt something touch them, get goosebumps or saw something move. 90% of the EVPs they get are inaudible and clearly just electronic noise. The Ghost Hunter teams are highly professional and thorough. Their investigations have merit and provide a better understanding of what paranormal activity may or may not be. Proof/facts is what Jason and Grant, et. al, provide. The made up, embellished, so-called ‘evidence’ fabricated by the immature, egotistical Zak Bagans, crybaby Aaron and the somewhat normal Nick on Ghost Adventures is what gives paranormal research the stigmata it has.

          1. I agree with Maureen totally. Zack is a complete joke on that show. The supposed live recorded voices are inaudible and Zack makes up the words they are saying, this is an insult to my intellect.
            The other absurd show is Destination Truth. This is the KING OF BULL Mr. Drama Josh Gates
            is as believable as Sasquatch in manhattan!! Give me a break! I guess the folks at scfy depend on the average american idiot to watch this nonsense. I am envious of Josh though, they actually pay him to fly to theses exotic places, what a gig.

            1. I am about to indict the whole SyFy Channel for being a pile of garbage ever since their CEO decided that SciFi would be remanufactured to SyFy. If that is the skill level of a CEO to rename their channel to read like something off a Chinese restaurant menu then his or her salary is a serious waste of money. A preschooler who can’t spell could do better. But my main gripe other than letting Robb go and be replaced by Barry the Magic Leprechaun is that hoax of a show, “Facllacy or F-cked” aka “Fact or Faked”. If those “investigators” could fart into a mike to discredit an EVP or black shadow they would pronounce all paranormal as fake. I am glad police do not investigate in the same manner. Do you know how many innocent people would pronounced guilty and rotting in jail because an investigative team would discover that the “suspect’s” hand could hold a murder weapon? The show is laughable or more like irritating. Their “replications” of the paranormal using all manner of props from Hotwheels to sunlight and shadows is enough for them to call an event a hoax is beyond braindead. Cancel the show and replace it with a test pattern.

        1. I agree with you totally. GH & GHI goes in to disprove anything and everything they can, so there are going to be shows that they do not find anything. I respect the fact that I know of at least 2 shows on GH, one where evidence was a face behind a mirror, which GH disproved and a lot of other things on that hunt. There was another where I think they were on a ship and the camera was stopped and the covers on a bed were moved. They caught the slight movement slip on the camera and didn’t use any other evidence because it may have been tainted. Rob and Brandi might have been dry, but I still liked the team & think that at least for myself I would like to see more episodes, new ones weekly, not just whenever. I like both shows & think they are both as professional as they can be. Sometimes the evidence is just not there and for me I would rather not see evidence than fake evidence.

        2. Maureen: I totally agree!! Finally, someone with some sense on this board! And someone with enough intelligence to not make 50,000 grammatical and spelling errors! That alone shows me that you are an intelligent person.

      5. I totally agree with you about Steve and Tango, I cannot stand them and I certainly could not take Andy or Brian either. These are goofy people that run around like they are little kids. I am into the scientific nature that Ghost Hunters were. I also agree that Jason (not so much Grant) appears to just be going through the motions. They all are VERY dry. Now Barry on GHI may not seem to have a very good personality, he seems VERY professional and VERY well versed. The thing about him is that he does not jump around like he is scared to death or that EVERY little noise IS paranormal. It took me a while to get used to Kris, and I think that she will be okay. Joe too, it took me a little while to get used to him. I really hope that they are able to get there stuff together. There is one other show I hope gets picked back up. It is Paranormal Cops. These are Chicago cops and I got the biggest kick out of them. I wrote to them and told them I liked their show and they personally wrote me back. They are not “typical” cops or detectives that seem arrogant, they are VERY thorough and it is a GREAT show. Then you have Zak on Ghost Adventures. I guess each show has their clown as he has Aaron. I like it anyway too!

        1. Man, your are easy to please!! That was a terrible show!

          Ghost Adventures always finds “evidence” whether it’s there or not–like reading words into white noice as an EVP!

          Ghost Hunters finds what IS there IF there is something there–not always exciting–but truthful!!

        2. Sorry, but I like Steve and Tango. I believe they are professional but try to have a little fun too. Everyone has to have fun once in awhile. They make me laugh, remember it’s a long night for them. I know when I work I act goofy once in awhile. I just don’t have camera’s on me all of the time. These people almost have 2 jobs. I’m sure they are tired. They also have families, so I respect almost all of the GH & GHI members. I don’t believe that Jason is just going through the motions. He has obviously lost a lot of weight and I sure they are all exhausted, but continue to try to help people and not necessarily there to find ghosts. They are there to find answers for the things that there are no logical explanation for and to find answers whether paranormal or not so people are more comfortable around things that are beyond are explaination. Grants wife seems to stand behind him, but Jason’s seems a little more apprehensive about it. Jason has more kids and I’m sure it is harder on him. I love Grant & Jason, Steve and Tango & Chris & the rest too. I’m not watching the show just to make sure they find evidence, even if they have to make it up. I think some of you guys are too hard on GH & GHI. I love & respect both shows and even though Barry seems dry, he has grown on me. I liked Rob & Brandy and am going to miss them.

        3. I’m surprised you didn’t like Andy. I think that he conducted himself in a professional manner, especially when he and Rob spoke with the client to present their findings. Why did Andy leave, does anyone know?

      6. I am totally in agreement. That girl Susan is awful. She was on Ghost Academy which is an awful series and she constantly lied and was not a team player. Next thing I know she is on GHI. Someone at Pilgrim has lost their mind. They need to replace her immediately. Taps or GHI hardly ever get any good evidence because they refuse to provoke and add new technology. I like Ghost Adventures much better.

        1. I totally agree with what you said about Susan. I can hardly stand watching GHI when she’s on. I think she has an unfriendly personality, and I’d also bet that she’s pretending when she claims to feel that her nausea and lightheadedness is caused by paranormal activity. I saw an episode yesterday where she said that she’d had those experiences so often throughout her life that she could count them on two hands. Uh, that’s 10, Susan. Did she ever consider the possibility that something else is causing her to feel that way? I think she just wants to feel special. All of us do, to some extent, but we don’t pretend to have “powers” that we don’t have.

      7. Ghost adventures is a farce. Every time they see a speck of dust “oh, it’s an apparition.

    2. BYE BYE Robb. Hello Barry. Now maybe we can get this show up to GH standards. I never watched the show because of Robb. Then I watched one night and saw Barry at the helm. I am now a BIG fan…Rock on Barry and team!

      1. I agree Tim (1/26/11 entry). We like Barry and Kris. We’ve been watching reruns from 2008 and Robb is HORRIBLE. Something seems wrong w/ him and he makes wierd faces and grimaces when he speaks – not pleasant to watch. And as for GH – we like the team and Tango makes us laugh. They are credible and real. We enjoy both shows very much 🙂 I am very interested in the paranormal and my 13 year old watches GA, because of Zak – that show is obnoxious!

        1. what do you mean bye bye robb hello barry i liked robb people like you putting your negative on people when they too do the job you couldnt even do hunt for ghosts i would love it

      2. I never cared for Robb. He always seemed mad or something. Never smiled. And his personality just bugged me. I don’t get cable anymore, but every now and then I still watch episodes online. I just found out today that Robb is gone, and I’m not upset by that. I’ve always liked Barry (partly because he’s Irish–lol). If I still had cable, I would still be watching all the GH and GHI shows, regardless of the cast members. You can’t like everyone on the show at the same time. At least I can’t. But that hasn’t stopped me from watching, just because I don’t like one or two cast members.

        And Ghost Adventures—way too over-done. I like watching the “evidence” they gather, but I am very skeptical as to how much is genuine, and how much is cooked up for the show. I’m a skeptic anyway, though. And they are a little ridiculous, and always over-reacting to everything. And the yelling! What is up with all the yelling they do? If there are/were any ghosts talking, nobody would be able to hear them with all the noise the guys make. But it’s still fun to watch for the locations they visit.

  2. My opinion is the exact opposite of Rebecca’s. I Tivo GHI, but wasn’t crazy about the cast and always wondered why they brought in Demarest instead of making Barry (who GH fans had seen before) the leader. I think the new cast is much more likeable than last season’s. Both Robb and Brandy have a kind of uncomfortable air about them. I *am* surprised they aren’t bring Ashley back. I wonder if they thought three women was too many. If so, I strongly disagree with that!

  3. As much as I have enjoyed watching GHI, (and I do think it is better than Ghosthunters at this point. The Halloween special was a joke. All it was was a commercial for Dodge and the other shows on syfy. And what the heck was up with the wrestler walking around with his hands in his pockets, obviously there only because he was told to be??) I am sorry to see Robb gone. He was serious, intellegent and passionate. Something the Ghosthunters have seemingly forgotten. They are all about the money, evidently. Another note on the special, Barry and Kris needed to get a room. There was way too much outside contamination, and if I had had to watch this Mehgan person freak out and jump at her own shadow one more time, I was going to scream. Finally gave up and went to bed at 11. Used to be a die hard GHI and Ghosthunters fan. Planned my evenings around the shows. No longer.

    1. I agree about Mehgan, but I think from the looks of the other GH investigators faces and Grant & Jason going back in without her shows to me at least that they were not happy with it either but they were respectful enough not to say anything. She was also with either Chris or Amy and her reaction was loud and they said something along the lines that she was just suprised or something tried to explain it off. I don’t think they liked it either. I’m not sure that the GH team really wants a bunch of other people involved on the live shows but respect them that they are open to it. I don’t think they liked Mehgan’s reactions any more than we did, but if she was that shocked, which obviously she was, they are not making up the evidence, which I like about their show. They hated it when Bryan Hargass was lying about things and want the truth, even Steve was the same way. I believe when they find something that it is the truth and not made up. I am a skeptic as they are, but there are things that I have experienced after one of my friends killed himself that I can’t explain and respect the fact that they don’t like people who lie. If it is a little boring that they don’t find any evidence then I respect that more than them making it up just so we are interested. The humor of Steve and Tango make up for what evidence they lack. Evidence doesn’t always show up just because they are there and if it did I would be really skeptical of it.

  4. Dee, I’m with you. GH and GHI are dying a slow death. My wife and I went to the Stanley last July with GH and Reality Events. The entire cast and then some were there….sort of. Very disappointing. Jason when seen wasn’t smiling unless getting pictures taken. Grant I saw 3 times hanging out in the lobby, I noticed people approaching him, he mostly ignored them. Kris only showed up for the planned events. Amy and Britt were running that gig. I saw them every time in the hotel with our comings and goings. Except for those two, I could sense burnout from everyone. On the ghost hunt, we never saw Jason or Grant during that time, although they said they were going to ‘make the rounds so everyone would have a chance to hunt with them, too’. Give them a second chance? Sure, but now you look: Jason and Grant are not advertised in any public offerings like that anymore. We, too, used to center around Wednesday for an evening of GH. Now we don’t care so much. Looking back, I thought Brian was a drama fiend and the jokes Steve and Tango pulled were childish, now I believe GH could use some of that, since all they seem to find anymore are evps, no video. As far as GHI, moving Kris over there, its obvious producers know she is pretty and are trying to bump GHI ratings/and-or kill GH off. My guess is Jason and Grant are apathic at this point, just by watching episodes, their robotic behaviors, lack of enthusiasm, absense from BRE events, and couldn’t care less if the GH show lived on or not. GHI? I always thought it was just a spin off show to exploit the popularity of GH itself. We are done with GH and GHI. We will miss them terribly, but have our memories. Onto the next.

  5. If I didn’t read this, I’d have no thought there was a problem… What a bunch of drama queens you all are. I still like the shows, I still watch and DVR them every Wednesday, and will continue to due so.

    The Halloween show did suck though, too much Dodge, too many guests, and I can’t stand Josh Gates.

    1. I so totally agree with you Rob and will continue to DVR it. Grant & Jason sent in tapes to SciFy not intending it to be so big. They are plumbers and also have families at home. They are there to help people, work & support their families. I don’t believe that they ever believed that the show would be so big. I respect them for all that they do. If someone is scared, they get their team in there as soon as possible and do not charge for their services. I’m sure they are exhausted. I give them all of the credit and support what they do & will continue to watch them & alll their episodes.

  6. i think Catawba County Paranormal Investigators will be the next big show 😉 GH and GHI will be missed but getting really boring and you can tell Jason and grant are losing interest in the show. so lets show C.C.P.I. some support and get them out there. they are not for the money, they are there to help others wen needed!

  7. Thank the Universe that smart alack, full of himself Robb is gone! No one that I know liked him, he is rude and just plain snobby!! Let’s have Barry replace him, there is no one better that Irish man! He is professional, intellectual, nice, polite and treats everyone like his equal!!

  8. You know GH is so different then when it first came out,what happen to helping out families? you hardly see that now wish they would go back to that it seems to me they have got too big and yeah its kinda repetitive now and boring.Now GHI here again was really good when it first came on right off the bat didn’t like Robb at all was something about him “full of himself ” is a good way to put it,and yes send Kris back to GH cause once your own GHI your doomed for sure if it went under I could careless not saying I still don’t watch both cause I do just not the same, and GHA that show should be dropped all together its su*&’s haven’t liked it from the start so in short.
    1.GH-Needs to get back to basics and help out some families like before.
    2.GHI-Good idea gone really bad.
    3.GHA-Drop the show all together.

  9. I for one will not miss Robb. He spent too much time running his mouth instead of listening to noises etc and I think he pronounced places haunted with very little scientific evidence at all. I will watch it for Barry, Britt and Kris…but won’t miss Robb or Brandy.

    1. these three suck.kris sounds like shes about to cry all the time and is constantly flirting with berry.and him with her.what they do on their time is fine.but dont bring it on the show.robb and brandy was far more professional.hey kept with finding or debunking.i think kris loves o show off her boobs..and butt.wearing those exposing cloths.and berry loves it.its a sex thing now.these people make me sick.there not professional.i will not watch it anymore.

  10. I have been un fortunately away from the Syfy and GH I shows for nearly 3 months. I saw the tail end of one episode where Kris and Britt were informed they were going abroad, but not why – Kris seemed caught off guard as well, and had noticed immediately that both shows were “shaking” up the teams yet again. I guess I should have known something was afoot when GHA started, I was bored w/that, no offense to Steve and Tango… RIP Rob & Dusti, Congrats Barry, Good Luck Kris, so very sorry Britt.

  11. good luck Robb. You will be missed. You were the face of GHI. I always expected to see you when I turned on the show. No matter how many people came and went on the show – you were always the constant leader that kept the boat afloat. The captain never abandons his ship. Something must have happened for you to leave. Again, we will miss you.

  12. Brian Harnois as a replacement? Now, THAT’S scary !!!!!! Never did like the dude ….. Something just wasn’t right with the boy!

    I predict that Barry is actually on the way out, and that Kris will be in his place shortly. Only time will tell …. Keep your fingers crossed.

    My “Dream Team” is Kris, Amy, Tango, that new guy chosen on the last GHA, and Steve. My “Nightmare Team” is Brian Harnois, Brad and Barry Klinge from Ghost Lab, and Zak Bagans from Ghost Adventures …. YIKES!

    I agree that GHA needs to go back to including private homes, and dump the hokey “Guest Hunter” bit.

    1. sometimes I wish they would just hit Steve over the head, or drug him up to get him on the plane. He would love investigating some of the places GHI has been!

      Zag Bagans….YIKES is right!!

      1. I agree about the plane deal with Steve, but people with phobia’s like Steve’s are real to him and people like him. It’s hard for us to see it because we don’t have his phobia’s. I really believe that Steve, as he has said so, wishes that his phobia’s would go away, but unfortunately it is not that easy. I’m sure Steve wishes someone could knock him upside the head with a cast iron skillet and knock it from him, but phobia’s are horrible for people that have them. It’s not that easy just to suck it up, but I do wish someone would help Steve with his flying phobia. I know it’s not funny but his bug phobia is just plain funny, because I have it too.

  13. GHI has been a shaky show from the beginning, what with all the swapping out of investigators. I’ve often felt like GHI was a badly researched show, but with the addition of Kris Williams and her constant whining and “what the hell–?” it’s even worse. At least the little nasal chick is gone. The problem with GH is that Grant and Jason are (aren’t they?)trying to get their inn up and running, dealing with growing kids, so if they don’t want to spend what time they GET with their families instead of at public events, I can’t blame them. But they get called to sites where there’s two or three reports of paranormal behaviour and no surprise…no evidence is found! I’d be jaded a bit too! The one thing I don’t like about ANY of the paranormal shows is all the ‘What Was That?’ reactions…and please, don’t even include the Kling brothers or Ghost Adventures in the same class as GH….what a bunch of doofi! The Kling brothers acting like they just beat down the ghosts “THAT”S WHAT I”M TALKING ABOUT!” and GA’s Zak dressing like a teenager and Aaron’s “OH MY GOD!” ‘s…please…such ninnies. I DO miss new episodes of “Destination Truth”….even though they have a dearth of evidence with some few exceptions, they are fun to watch. Now, “Fact or Fake” shouldn’t have made it beyond the talking phase….no wonder the leader is an EX-FBI agent…he’s such an idiot. But this is all my opinion…so take it or leave it.

  14. I have tried and tried to get into GHI but Robb was just drab to me. I didnt like how he didnt listen really well and thought his questions were not together. I know its just my opinion. He just seemed monotone. I think Barry’s experience is incredible, he knows his legends and is a great investigator. I am not ready to cast my vote on his as a team leader, he had the show together, from my perspective. Kris is a great case manager and again, I am not sure how she will fair as the “second” presenter though. So far, I am excited about the new show. Having grown up in Europe, I have always wanted to see a great investigation!!

    1. Me too Patti. I’m not really sure that Rob was full of himself, even though it may have seemed that way. I was kinda on the fence with Rob, but I just think that he and Brandi made the show still. I am watching the new episodes with Barry & Chris & though I still like the show & love Chris, I miss Rob & Brandy & even Ashley. I’m not sure why, but I do. I just expected to see shows of GHI every week. SyFy if you want us to watch the show you might put the new episodes on every week or how can the ones of us who want to watch them do so?

  15. well after watching the show last night, i think it is very obvious what truly happened to robb,look who replaced him,now i am all for womens lib,but when it is used to raise rating,when a good looking women is used to boost rating at the exspense of a hard working man,i dont call it women lib, i call it useing a women for her looks.Thats what happened to rob,no great mystery here,maryw

  16. Like i said before,after watching last nights show it sooo obvious what happened to rob.Look who they replaced him with,kris williams,a good looking female,gee do you think it was to increase rateing by useing sex appeal,dahhhhh,To me it was obvious,now i am all for women lib,but not when it screws a hard working man who did nothing

  17. I used to love GH but Jason and Grant now just go thru the motions.
    GHA: It’s easy to figure out who is going to be selected on GHA–the cutist
    female and, of course, last time, the male hairdresser. If you aint pretty you aint got a chance.
    And GHI just got rid of their only good people- Robb and Brandy.

  18. Watched the show without Robb and although for me he took some getting used to at the show’s inception I will have no problem no longer watching the show, it is a loser. The poster Rebecca who posted on 11/1 sums up my feelings. Barry had even less of a personality leading the term than ever before last night. Susan, they can send her back to the states. It’s not that I don’t like change or cannot make the psychological adjustment it is that with the personalities now involved the show simply sucks big time. SyFy, Pilgrim, whomever can cancel the show and save themselves some money.

  19. I, personally, will miss Robb and Dustin! I think they were really good. I also really like Barry. He’s down to earth and seems to know his stuff. I don’t care too much for Brandy, Joe or Britt. I do like Kris Williams though. I will continue to watch GH and GHI even though I don’t care too much for Robb not being on it. GH is still my favorite though. I like everyone on that show, especially Steve and Tango. They can be hilarious sometimes. Jason and Grant are definetly losing a good bit of appeal with me, as I see them as mostly boring anymore.

  20. Well, both shows are a disappointment. Never even watched GHA. Robb was a little drab but he at least was consistent and the investigations were solid. He said of himself “I’m a better investigator than tv personality” I didn’t mind him or Brandy. I am getting tired of seeing this merry-go-round of investigators on both shows, and of course the fact there are never any explanations for anyone’s departure. There used to be a good mix of people, all different in looks and backgrounds involved and now it’s really like a circus. Not sure who is in it for the investigations and who is in it for the fame. Jason and Grant seem like they are the only ones who have any kind of paranormal experiences and 90 percent of the time there’s no way to back them up. If I hear Grant say “Did you hear that?” one more time I’m going to scream. What started out as a show “helping” people (investigating private homes and businesses) is now one big joke. I feel bad for those investigators who just want to visit some interesting places and make a few bucks, but have to kiss the butts of Grant and Jason and whoever is running the GH/GHI machine. And besides that, there’s no guarantee you are going to be around for the nest episode, much less the next season.

    1. Does anyone but me think that they say “Did you hear that” to tag the evidence. Maybe I am just ignorant, but if someone hears something, don’t they have to make sure that the evidence is tagged? How many ways can you ask someone if they heard something?

  21. I really liked Dustin and Brandy. Brandy reminded me of Velma from the Scooby Doo series and her investigating was better then say someone like Kris Williams who I never warmed up to because I felt like she replaced Donna who I used to LOVE to watch investigate. (As a Catholic girl myself I loved when she used to whip out her rosary beads when she became spooked LOL) Rob was such a dork I really disliked him. Barry is awesome and if he goes I would undoubtedly quit watching the show, so I was glad to see him as leader. I PREFER GHI to GH mostly because GHI goes to places I will never see. All the European castles and ruins are awesome to see (even if it is mostly in the dark) I would really love it if the Travel channel would follow along and give us the tour while GHI does their investigations LOL I miss Donna,Brian and now Dustin and Brandy.

    1. I liked Donna too, but it was Donna who couldn’t go on the cases. I like Chris Williams and I also liked Donna, but don’t feel that Donna was ever replaced with Chris? Donna had her own reasons that was said in past shows as to why she couldn’t go.

  22. I think Kris is on there to show more cleavage. I like the way Berry has grown over the years. Remember when he was with Jason and Grant that first time in Leap Castle and he was freaking about everything and refused to confront anything? Now he actually tries provoking.

    I get tired on all the shows with comments like “what is going on?” or “what was that?” Well, it might be a ghost … duh. Probably not tho. I miss Brian because he brought drama to the show. Jason and Grant need to go back to helping people and not just searching for places that might give a spike to their ratings.

    My most favorite case was where they found no paranormal but did find chemicals, mold, etc and helped the guy that way.

    If they really insist on going to “famous” places, how about going to places people claim on other shows to have huge amounts of activity?

    Also they say they will go back to places but rarely do. I would love to see follow ups to some of their old cases. See how things are going in those homes.

    Finally, I hope they never really run into a “negative entity” ie Demon. They are not prepared for that at all. I know they have come close a few times but no full blown attacks.

    Oh yeh. Next time somebody says “can you throw a rock at my friend” I’d love to see that person get nailed in the head by a rock. lol

    1. Don you are too funny. I think their reasoning for “what was that” or “what’s going on” is to tag the noise they just heard. Maybe I’m wrong.

      As far as the negative demons, I’ve seen a camera man knocked to the floor, Jason & Grant both scratched, but do you really wish them harm? The throwing “a rock at my friend” is funny! OMG are we both horrible or what? lol

  23. In a nutshell: On GHI, I’m gonna miss Robb but not Brandy and her blue eyeshadow and nasal voice. Barry is smart as a whip but bland as chalk. On GH: For years now, Jason and Grant have been in it just for the money. Or perhaps it’s the show’s producers? They used to be all about helping people in their homes but clearly their priorities have changed as their fame increased. But the TWO things that totally irk me about GH are 1) The music!!! Can’t hear a damn thing over the music! So, whenever someone asks, “Did you hear that?” I scream at the TV, “NO!! I can’t hear anything because of the stupid music playing!” and 2) The fact that NOTHING is ever caught on video anymore. All the investigators see something at some point, but neither their nor the crew’s cameras are pointed at the area they are looking at/investigating! It’s ridiculous and getting quite boring.

    1. LOL Margaret, I think it is the producers of the show, not sure. I really don’t believe that Jason or Grant thought the show would be such a hit. In fact they said they sent in just a few episodes & thought that would be the end of it and were shocked by they way it exploded. I totally agree with you about the music & Barry, even though I do like Barry. I’m not Irish so maybe that is their way, don’t know.

  24. And one more thing: I used to HATE Ghost Adventurers but those guys seemed to have calmed down just a little bit and they DO catch what seems to be decent evidence. But I’m still waiting for a spirit to just haul off and deck Zak! And Ghost Lab just sucks – someone or some entity needs to nail Brad Klinge right between the eyes. All his loud-mouth provoking is incredibly irritating. Imagine how the long-dead spirits feel! He even yells at what he supposed are CHILDREN spirits! What a prince.

    1. Lol Margaret! You are hilarious! I watched Ghost Lab for a couple of episodes & thought it sucked. The GA I have not watched. I did was the Ghost Cops or whatever the show was but did not like it at all. The only ones I really watch faithfully are GH & GHI, but you are very funny.

  25. RE: Ghost Lab….to paraphrase that little leftist blondie”…i’m sorry that the Klinge brothers are from San Antonio…” Those guys just don’t make me think ‘paranormal investigations’..they just make me think abnormal….Ghost Adventures has had some interesting video evidence, but their ‘evp’s’ sound more like someone gargling on the other side of a glass partition…Zak needs to quit wearing the hip hop clothing and Aaron needs to grow a pair…a grown man screaming like a kid getting spooked by an older kid….geez….

    1. Zak needs to lay off the steroids..his growth and rage are to clear to spot..Jason and Grant burnt out about 3 seasons ago….Barry is Brian in Irish drag..always seeing something but never catching it on video or evp’s. The capture of a spirit or ghost has to be of demonic origin. When a person dies your spirit goes to either heaven or hell….this is made clear in the Bible… I know a bunch of non believers will go off on this but I don’t care

      1. Not me. I am a non-believer, somewhat! My son & I had an experience after our best friend killed himself & I’m still not sure what I believe, but I know what I felt I didn’t make up. I know my son would not lie either because he felt the very same thing I did. I just can’t explain it.

        I think a lot of you guys are really funny and downright hilarious. I think some of you are even right. I just found this website, just wondering what happened to everyone from GHI.

        I still love Grant & Jason, but I do believe they have too much on their plate. I will continue to watch them & GHI as long as they are on & I will miss them dearly if they go.

  26. About some of the other paranormal based shows on TV….Paranormal state…I don’t really know what to think about this one…Ryan seems to be straight up, but I’ve heard stories of the producers setting up false evidence and those two ‘psychics’ Chip and Michelle…both of them are so confused about their own lives and ‘things’…Most Haunted..fake fake fake…Nothing is EVER caught on video, because they’ve got the cameras shoved in their faces the whole time…it sounds like a bunch of middle school girls playing “Bloody Mary” at a sleepover… the other one with the Chicago detectives who do paranormal investigations is pretty good…doesn’t seem to be anything other than honesty there…the only thing I DON’T like are the ‘case numbers’ makes it sound kind of hokey but hey, that’ s MY opinion….My Ghost Story has to be taken with a grain of salt, Celebrity Ghost Stories is the same…Okay…any other shows we haven’t talked about?

    1. I feel pretty much the same as you Terry but dont care for Paranormal Cops or I think that is what it’s called. The only ones I believe totally are GH & GHI.

      Me personally, think that the evidence on the others are all fake & I would rather see the logical explanation for something and them to not find nothing that to have the evidence faked. I feel like Jason & Grant went big on GH and now a lot of people think they can do the same. I don’t care if people think GH is boring anymore. I still only watch it and GHI. I don’t like manufactured evidence. Sorry but this is my own personal opinion so don’t stone me to death. Lol.

  27. While I do miss Robb and Dustin, I do enjoy this season of GHI. Kris Williams compliments Barry and I like the fact that there are more skeptics and even the slightest things, they call BS.

    In some ways, I dig the female presence with Kris being added to GHI but also the girl from GH Academy. She’s got a spunky side to her and the guy handling the tech, that guys is pretty technical and overall, GHI is fresh and quite enjoyable. The last season was getting boring and as much as there are people who want more of the technical side, it’s also about viewership and if the chemistry doesn’t work, casual viewers are not going to standby.

    So, I enjoy the change. Unfortunate shake up and I do miss Robb but unfortunately, the departure of Dustin and Donna, pretty much doomed him.

  28. i love that they got rid of brandy i almost stopped watching because of her,joe chin needs to go now i feel he lies and embelishes everything and brit isnt too much better,i could take or leave robb he didnt really make a difference except he did say every place was haunted and i mean every place.GH grant and jason have run their course,theyre not having fun anymore and it seems like one or the other always has something better to do on each episode and is absent,i like steve and tango but GHA sucks they never find anything so they need to axe that show.ghost adventures ,all of their evps sound alike so i think they record them theirselves before they even go into a hunt and that machine they use to have conversations with ghosts through the white noise,come on!if that worked i think every team on every show would use nothing but that 100% of the time i know i would

  29. GHI was a mirror image of GH. You had Robb as Jason (the dominant one), Dustin as Grant, and then Brandy as Kris, etc… Like stink on a skunk, it was fun at first but got real old after a while. Just another way for the producers to make more money. As I recall, GH did a stint in Ireland and it really didn’t click because Steve had that fear of flying: next thing I see is a spinoff GHI. Lots of neat places, but the template behavior, procedures, nearly identical to GH. I went to the Stanley last year, the whole GH crew was advertised there; however, yall are right, Grant and particular Jason have become bored. I am ready for ‘on to the next’.

  30. I think that most ghost hunters will tell you that 99% of the time nothing happens. How do you produce a show when the chances are you won’t capture anything? Ghost don’t perform on cue and most of these shows only investigate for about 10 hours in a location when probably nothing happens in a location on a daily basis and certainly not with a crew invading the place.
    I find it interesting that Grant and Jason seem to have more experiences than anyone else. It’s like the ghosts know the stars are on camera so let’s perform. Not likely….GH doesn’t seem to use high-tech equipment like other shows. It’s just a EMF reader, voice recorders, cameras and video equipment. Jason & Grant might see something but the camera guy isn’t conveniently pointing in the same direction. Maybe Jason and Grant should don head cams. I think that Jason and Grant started out mainly to help people but the show evolved to something else and perhaps a lot of “evidence” or “did you hear that” or “did you see that” now is just faked and they know it – it’s part of the show and no longer what they intended. They no longer focus on helping people but just going to interesting locations. What I really hate about GH and GHI is something happens and then the person is on camera repeating what they experienced or didn’t experienced. It’s truly annoying because I just saw what happened, so why repeat it!
    Zak seems to use a lot of different equipment and he seems to get reactions probably because he ticks off the ghosts. I kind of like that show just because he’s so annoying. LOL. GHI generally always “confirms” there is paranormal activity which I find annoying and unbelievable, particularly since they were modeled after GH who dismiss tons of evidence. I don’t like anyone on that show particularly Joe Chin.
    “Most Haunted” is a dramatization of what people said they experienced and it’s usually after the fact so it’s not meant to show or capture evidence because they’ve either moved out of the house or the house has been cleaned so it’s not a ghost hunting show, but I like it. I initially liked Paranormal State because they truly tried to help the people resolve their problems and not just capture evidence for the camera and the show and at least they stayed in a location for a few days and tried to help not only the people but the spirits to move on. However, even that show has changed.

    I look at all these shows as entertainment to some degree but I question any evidence anyone finds because capturing evidence can be faked and the rarity of having any activity at all has to be considered.

    1. I don’t think that Jason & Grant would ever turn a family down that was in need of help even if they are bored with the show. Which I’m not sure if it is burnt out or they are just burning the candle at too many ends?

      I don’t believe that either Jason, Grant or Steve would make up evidence that was not there because they were all disgusted and downright mad a Brian for lying about everything. I think they are all truthful about what they see or don’t see. Maybe I’m truely blind, but if you don’t like liars, which I don’t, you usually don’t make up lies yourself.

  31. I think they are overdoing it. First, Brian with no explanation. Now Rob, lets do everybody a favor and take it off the air. A company who treats the main reason the program is on the air and to get rid of everyone who was worth watching is a company who needs a serious look in the mirror.
    BRING BACK THE OLD CAST THAT ORIGINALLY BEGAN THE PROGRAM OR GET RID OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. you won’t see Steve go, he’s the ‘fair haired boy’ as far as Jason thinks!
        (he’s an idiot, and he should grow a pair and get over the Spider thing!
        How can someone be afraid of a tiny spider, and face a long dead spirit?

      2. Barry, I assume it’s not Fitzgerald!

        I heard since (it’s now August!) that Britt just stepped on some toes on a radio
        interview, but apologized so the producers forgave him, and he will appear somewhere, not
        sure if it will be GHI , but they ‘kissed and made up’
        where is ROBB ? He’s from Florida where I live. If he’s starting his
        own ‘group’ I’d like to know…(if not too far!) My husband and daughter joined a little group in Central Fl. and on their FIRST OUTING , my daughter caught EVP’s you would not believe! it was at an old abandoned jail (one room!) near the univ. of Florida , she heard nothing at the time (as usual right)? but the next day she listened to her digital recorder, and as clear as day we could
        hear two men discussing what was going on ! One said “who is she?” the other answered him by saying ‘one of them’ …. then ~~’what they be doing?” answer ‘ ‘I don’t know” then as if he knew she would listen to it later! he said “Hello Amanda” !!!!!!! She freaked! now her name IS Amanda, but the TEAM knew her as AMY!
        They ended up resigning as the ‘founders’ turned out to be real flaky people, they would announce meetings, then cancel (they had to drive 30 miles!) then went ballistic when another investigation went sour because the people with the key, did not show up! so he put up a ‘manifesto’ on his website demanding co- operation , and full participation from members, (he was upset that only about 1/2 of the members showed up for the ‘dinner/meeting’ (it was set for
        a restaurant most convenient for him!) my daughter explained that she would only come for the
        investigation, not the dinner, he really got upset! and told us that he and his wife ONLY would
        set up times etc. (they set up the last one!) any how they (and about 10 others just resigned , this guy had an attitude worse than Jason when Brian got lost that time (Boston I think)
        BTW watching re-runs of GHI all day , and they are up to the point where Kris and Britt are there, and Kris is constantly saying “What the Hell was that” Funny !

        1. Well, Actually I can see where the group Founder got frustrated. I ran a paranormal group both in Florida and NY. My first rule is that…if you don’t attend meetings…you don’t attend investigations! Why? Because you need a plan of action. You simply can’t just go in and “Walk Around” like it is a spook house. What good are you doing ? Not attending meetings basically states to me that you are not interested in being a “paranormal Investigator” and simply are looking for a cheap spook house thrill ! Most Teams spend more time Researching and Planning….than doing an actual investigation. also, many people join paranormal groups and simply don’t want to work. No Research, no booking locations, no equipment evaluations,…etc. The work involved in Researching a location is what real paranormal investigation is about. Any Nimrod can walk in with a recording device and get EVP’s. If you are not working toward an investigation…then you don’t belong in a group. Simply PAY to go to an EVENT….or head to the nearest “spook house” in an amusement park.

  32. Ghost Adventures is my favorite of this genre of shows, mainly because it is entertaining and they capture a lot of evidence. The format of the show varies and there are enough interactions w others to keep it from getting stale. So what if Zach is pumped up? Better than Uncle Fester aka Grant moping around with his incessant “anything else”? GH has just grown stale…I fall asleep everytime I try to watch it. GHI had a fresher chemistry and I miss Dustin and Robb, although his stares during the reveal looked a bit intimidating lol. Barry seemed a bit burned out until this year Last season sucked

  33. Last season sucked because they were going to all these historic places and trying to contact historical figures and this seemed a bit contrived by the producers…didn’t seem authentic at all and the team didn’t seem comfortable with it. Hollywood ruining everything!

  34. I made one last attempt to watch GHI, last night and it sucked even worse than the previous episodes with the new crew. I liked the idea behind the show but it is over for me. Whatever decisions for whatever reasons to get rid of most of the formers crew was a decision the producers will have to suffer with. It seems the consensus at least here is that the show has lost viewer interest. I hope the former crew find good careers to pursue and I wish them the best. I would like to know where they eventually end up.

  35. Well – I’m watching the first episode without Robb, and I think it sux. Like watching gray paint dry. Like eating dried out beef. I loved Robb – I feel like he had a great head on his shoulders, kept everyone honest and organized, and (I must say this) was very easy on the eyes. I’m wondering if he has something else in the works? Wish he hadn’t left….

  36. I watch these shows because I want to see hard evidence of paranormal activity. Anyone who says that Ghost Adventures is better than GH cannot feel the same way. Ghost Adventures is all theatrics. The viewer has to decipher the evidence for themselves. The first 20 to 30 minutes of the show is some skits they put together. Then you have them screaming, running, and cursing anytime something does happen. Then of course one of them is getting possessed every couple of episodes. Sometimes GH is a little bland, but if there is nothing going on at the location there isn’t much that can be done. I would rather have the truth then some played up scenes just for ratings. GHI has not been my favorite in the past but I think it is getting a little better with Rob gone. Rob said every location was haunted, even those with very little evidence. I feel like he went through the motions and just told the client what they wanted to hear. You can tell what people really want from these shows by their posts. You have those who are truly interested in the paranormal and want to see the truth and then there are the others who just want to see a pretty face and some theatrics for entertainment and could care less if it is based on truth.

    1. Amen JSS7. I agree totally with you. I just wonder if Rob was maybe a little scared because you are in a different country and you really don’t want to make enemies, but you shouldn’t say just what the client wants to hear, not matter what. He could just do like Jason & Grant do, say that they are there all the time and to keep track of everything that happens, but they did not find enough evidence to say that the place was haunted. I would respect Rob more for that. That being said the show doesn’t seem the same to me for some reason. I like Barry but I remember someone earlier saying he is bland as chalk and that is very true.

      However, I do believe that a lot of people in other countries respect Barry and he is the one that gets the locations, maybe I am wrong.

  37. I think that GHI totally did the wrong thing by changing the original cast. I’ve been a GH and GHI watcher since season one. Robb is a very good investigator and has a lot of experience in the field. He has his own paranormal group. Also does a lot of smaller stuff on the side. I like Ashley to. She is also a member of Robbs group. I originally thought that GHA was stupid. I couldn’t watch it.. I just don’t care for Tango or Steve really much at all anymore…(To arrogant,know it all and self centered)Also Jason and Grant. They act like they know it all and they are the “grandfathers” of investigating in the whole paranormal world! They also throw out and don’t account for some really cool evidence that should have been looked at a bit more. Not when in doubt throw it out crap motto! I first thought GHA was taking the chosen newbies and using them for the others to take a break and they could all alternate and get breaks and keep a fresh face around. Not to fire everyone..What a bunch of B.S! It started out kinda cool how they would alternate cast between GH and GHI.Kris is most likely doomed for the move. I hope that they move her back to GH. Robb and the rest of the original cast was what i expected when i watched the show. I gotten used to all the original cast, that’s why i watched it.Well Barry,hes still there, but he doesn’t matter… HOLLYWOOD RUINS ALL GOOD THINGS!!!! What a shame. I hope their careers keep going. At least they got to be apart of something that started out really cool!

  38. As far as I am concerned, just have a camera follow Jason and Grant, and that is all I want. They don’t over-react, they don’t make believe, and I appreciate that they dismiss things that they believe can be accounted for as other than paranormal. My motto, when in doubt, throw it out. They have caught some amazing footage, and voice phenomenon.
    There is no one there to perform on cue, so I would imagine they do spend most of their time finding nothing at all. I appreciate the way they present personal experiences, but declare their lack of hard, physical evidence. They tell you up front that they are there to debunk, if possible, If it isn’t possible to debunk, then they keep researching. I like that every place they investigate is not pronounced ‘haunted’
    I don’t care if they show up for the publicity fairs, they have made it clear that they want more time with their families; they’re part time investigators, full time fathers and husbands.
    I do agree that the Hallowwen show is bad, and needs to go, and I hate the way that the powers that be are using the show to introduce ‘talent’, and I use the term loosely, from their other productions. I have never thought that either spin-off was worthy of the ‘Ghost Hunters’ name.

    1. You are so right. They are Part-time investigators, not full-time and I think some of us all forget that.

      I also think the Halloween show sucked, but I think Jason & Grant thought the same because when they had the chance, they investigated without Meghan. Maybe the producers are not giving them a choice, but then maybe it was their idea.

      I respect the fact, that they have used their celebrity status to raise donations for Shriners Hospitals for Children and Cure Kids Cancer. I also still believe they are still plumbers, but not sure. If they were very cocky as a some people have said wouldn’t they have quit their jobs as plumbers.

      These are part-time investigagors that have done tons of investigations, plus their jobs and their families. I don’t know about all of you but maybe these guys aren’t burnt out they are just tired. If I am working 2 jobs I would find it hard after all of these years to still investigate all night and work all day and smile, smile, smile.

  39. Ghost Hunters has gotten to where they simply follow a formula. They really stopped doing investigations of average homes and have focused on famous haunted places. As a paranormal investigator, I can tell you that doing a good job of investigating a home can take many return visits, trying to put together the pattern of phenomenon. With a famous location, you can do all the background work on line, visit once with the equipment, collect evidence or not, and there you have an episode. GH is doing very shallow investigating – nothing in depth. Nor do they really help people who are dealing with a ghost. It’s all “you know it isn’t going to hurt you”. My own team has worked with some families for years, trying to resolve the haunting by helping the ghost choose to cross over to the other side.

    Paranormal State is ridiculous. They may do in depth investigations, but they see demons everywhere – which is the influence of the Warrens. In my 30+ years of investigating, I have rarely encountered non-human entities.

    GHI has been interesting because they’ve gone to places that have a thousand years of history. Some of the evidence they’ve come up with has been excellent. As for the composition of the team, I’m not surprised that it has changed over time. Being gone for months at a time isn’t easy on family life and being a ghost hunter isn’t a long-term career. Only a few people in the world can make a living at it and I’ve heard that working for Ghost Hunters doesn’t get you a benefits package – like health insurance.

    With the addition of Susan (I think that’s her name), GHI has someone who claims to be a sensitive. That is making it more interesting. GH has always put down the role of sensitives on a team. My personal experience in working with a sensitive is that they can be invaluable in figuring out who is haunting and why they are there. This could actually enrich the quality of investigations, if she is utilized.

    Some of the very best evidence has been obtained on Destination Truth. They may be a bunch of goofy forteans, but since season 2, they’ve done some remarkable haunting investigations. The Masada investigation comes to mind where they caught a video of what appears to be a man in Arab clothing at the edge of the ruins. I hope they continue to do haunting investigations.

    GH is getting quite stale and GHA was an absolute joke. Jason and Grant are already prepared for the day when the franchise goes belly up by opening up their haunted resort. I hope that it will be replaced by another group or rotates between an assortment of teams. There is some really great work being done out here, but it needs depth and time to conduct. One night investigations aren’t it.

    1. i agree with some of what you have said, but have you noticed that ghosthunters calls it a wrap on an investigation when there is hours of darkness left has anyone else noticed that, in my opinion it takes time for a spirit to absorb your energy in order to manifest , and activity could well happen in those last few hours. if i were conducting the investigation i would ask when the activity takes place to see if there is a pattern to the hauntings as during one day of activity and the next activity you get a period of calm when the spirits are building up their energy so when ghost hunters investigate a location they could be investigating during a period of calm. i do not belive in demons what i belive in is that there are good spirts and bad spirits and even badder spirits and tormented spirits. it worth considering that a haunting might happen around the peoples of the property you are investigating so doing a second night of investigating with the owners of the property, and you can do a third night of investigating but no one person will be there only the cameras and voice recorders there to see if you can capture activity when there is no one there. maybe ghost hunters should cut the number of episodes and concentrate on quality investigations.

  40. I was wondering what happened to Robb. Sorry to see him leave. I like Barry Fitzgerald, Joe Chinn and Britt. Times change and it takes a little getting used to the members coming & going. Noticed “Joe” has lost some weight !!!! Your looking good Joe !!!! Keep up the good work !!!! I like to hear Barry’s Irish voice and and it’s nice to see Kris on GHI too. Look forward to seeing the shows everywk. A fan since the beginning of Ghost Hunters.

  41. Here’s what I think…I don’t care that Brandy’s voice is annoying, or that Andy Andrews was skinny and nerdy, I care that they actually did an investigation without acting ridiculous and embarassing. Donna Lacroix, who seems like a nice enough person was always going with her “feelings” that no one else had and never actually went anywhere with. When I saw an episode of her doing an EVP session that lasted something like 3 hours and she asked “Do you like knitting or crocheting?” and other bizarre questions, I had stop myself from slapping her upside the head through the tv screen. Correct me if I’m wrong, but is this kind of question really something “ghost hunters” ask when doing an evp session? Give me some solid investigating, lots of debunking and questioning, and coming up with some good, solid evidence. I don’t want a bunch of silly grown ups saying and doing bizarre things in the name of paranormal research. It’s so frustrating!!! I’ll take annoying voices and nerds any day over muscle-headed, over-reacting, ridiculously out there “investigators”. JMHO.

  42. While I do like Barry and believe Robb was a good team leader, I think GHI was a waste of time from the beginning. I always loved when GH left the country. Jason, Grant and the team always got very stoked and seemed passionate. (My favorite episode was the visit to Leap Castle!) After GHI came along, the original GH seemed to stray from their roots and become more “media-minded”. Each episode of GH has become more and more like a boring film strip we watched in school as kids. As for GHI, Britt is like the Seth Rogen of ghost hunting, Joe is about as passionate as a slug and Susan would be a better fit on Paranormal State which makes “evidence” out of every creak and bump. I say ditch GHI and GHA and get the team we fell in love with off their pampered asses and back in the field. If anyone would like to reply to me directly, please feel free.

  43. I came late to GHI, and I have to say that, having seen both old and new episodes, I really miss Robb. Does anyone know why he quit and where he is now? He and Andy were so professional, never missing an opportunity to debunk, but admitting when they couldn’t and had no explanation for what they’d experienced. I agree with the other poster(s) who said that he was extremely organized and deliberative. Speaking of Andy, where is he? Did he leave the show, too? I really do NOT like Susan, the new one. It’s too bad that I didn’t get the chance to see more of Robb’s investigations. I can only wait for reruns.

  44. GHI is solely owned by Pilgram, Jason and Grant have no control over the content or staff. From what I’ve read from a couple other serious paranormal blogs it appears Rob was either forced out/or withdrew gracefully instead of being fire. Britt was fired for using gay slurs in an interview he gave. I believe due to contract stipulations, past members are not allowed to publicly comment about their removal. Some may have chosen to leave on their own accord.
    Pilgram also owns GHA which is as horrid as the HBO show is.
    Personally I am sick of the high school romance going on b/w Kris and Barry. If you watched the background Kriss came from in the early episodes (my guess was dating someone on team atp) she’s not the sharpest arrow in the quiver and her behavior is very much JH puppy love. Amy is a much better investigator but also seems to have a cruch on the GHA winner.
    I’ve been watching GH since episode one and was pumped when they investigate a house at WPAFB that I was babysat in as a kid. My bestfriend dad worked in the other building they investigate so it brought it all home for me. I was ready to give up on GH after last season with Grant just going through the motions. Dont get me started on the Destination Truth host! I will say that the new season of GH is much much better. Jay and Grant are much more excited so far. I don’t miss Kriss and the new kid is doing a better job than the Steve and Tango. Over all I see the whole GH team trying harder, but I wish they would go back to help real people like many others have suggested.

    My suggestion for making GH better is to cut out the annoying scare track they run in the back ground that makes me feel like I’m going deaf.

  45. I am so p’offed that Robb is gone I freakin LOVED him and the show is not the same with out him…I have watched a few episodes and no longer find it appealing so I have decided that on the GHI spot on syfy cable can be replaced with other shows I have been watching other cable shows to fill that spot…Very disappointed that Robb is gone and will no longer be a GHI watcher…..sorry thats the way it is!!!!

  46. GHI ratings are real bad – GH is holding but going fast. I think folks are done with the whole thing. Cameramen following these people – music and sound effects dubbed in – after the same old EVP’s (almost sounds like the same person) – I change the channel. Anyone seen My Ghost Story – pretty good in my opinion.

  47. Glad to see this thread is still going! I also feel GHI is the same without Robb. I’m losing more and more respect for Kris WIlliams all the time. GHI used to be fun and interesting to watch, but now it’s become as bland and dull with the addition of Kris. She was better on GH, because Amy and her had a certain amount of chemistry between them that made their investigations lively and fun. Now all Kris seems to do is say “What was that?” and give goo-goo eyes to Barry. Another thing, Kris NEVER posts anything on Twitter or her FB page to show she has ANY interest in the paranormal whatsoever….it’s all about HER. Her Twitter page is basically a close-up of her tits, and on FB she recently posted that she was voted among the sexiest women in America. That’s fine, but she comes across as a bimbo. On her FB page, she said she’s going to edit comments and block people who suggest there is anything romantic going on between her and Barry. I’m sure she realizes her behavior gave herself away, and now she’s worried about losing her job. Maybe they both are. Again, I preferred Robb.

    I still like watching the regular GH – but Kris Williams has totally ruined GHI.

  48. Robb was great. He knew what he was doing and was a great leader. Too many changes may turn people off. Dustin was great too. Love Kris Williams. Barry is great and has always been a major asset. But Robb was the leader. Bring him and Dustin back. Joe is also great to watch and knows his business. All the gang from GH have been favorites, but Robb and Dustin, along with Barry, were GHI. Bad moves on Piligians part!

  49. GHA was a joke. Teamwork? More like back-stabbing. No leadership skills visible. Piligian Productions needs to listen to the audience comments and go with it.

  50. I’ve probably said this before, but the old GHI team was the best I’ve ever seen. Rob, Andy, Brandy, Dustin, and Barry worked so well together, there didn’t seem to be any animosity among them, they were always very professional, even when Dustin began wearing his visor upside-down and backwards (Can anyone give me a reasonable explanation for that???!!!). Subsequent teams just haven’t interested me. I have no idea why things had to change. They seemed to have a good formula. I really can’t stand the new female investigator on the show (Susan?). Kris is ok, but I really prefer Brandy, if we’re going to compare GHI female investigators. She just seemed to be a lot more professional and capable. Susan pretends to be psychic. Ha.

  51. I dont like kris to much its an investigation hardcore places to be at all she does is complain very annoying i like susan she seems real as for the others gone its a shame ashley is gone she was ok i think GH they should go back to helping families out like when they first. Started.they would prob be a bit less sso boring it looks like kris is datting barry she seems to be clinging on him all the time every where they go shes always sitting next to him how annoying! !

  52. Rob was a Fake from Florida. He belonged to a group for like 8 months and hardly attended any meetings…always had an excuse. He did like a couple of investigations before getting on TV. His lack of experience was so blatanly obvious to the trained eye. Send that Fraud back to his White Trash Trailer in Florida where he belongs.

  53. just remember to keep watching gh…..jason and grant need the money to fix up that nice place they bought and are turning into a b and b,,,do you really think they made enough money from rooter roter to buy that place…give me a break…they quit rr after the first season…probably.. and that is when i stopped watching the show…when they investigated they new hotel..i knew the show was for money and not for getting shots of real ghosts…just another faked reality show.

  54. Why did they have to ruin it by bringing Kris over to hang all over Barry? Is it me or has she had a ton of work done….?

  55. I’m not familiar with the original GH since I’m in Europe, but I do watch GHI. Personally I’m not crazy about the latest cast changes. I prefered the show when it had Robb, Barry, Joe, Dustin, Ashley and Brandy. I don’t know about Kris…how does an ex-model become a paranormal investigator anyway, these things take years of experience. I also noticed that she is all over Barry lately.

    I also find their investigations a bit thin. Even Josh Gates and his DT team come up with better paranormal evidence. They never seem to come up with any really good (photographic) evidence or class A EVP’s. They also never provoke or reinact, like the Klinge brothers from Ghost Lab always do. I’m really surprised that show got cancelled since I thought it was really good…

    1. I agree with you, Dutchman. People say that Robb looked uncomfortable and made odd faces. So what? He was really good at what he did, and he had a competent team to back him up : Andy, Dustin, Brandy…all very good investigators.

  56. I was surprise that Brian and Donna were in the running to take over for Rob. Rob while a good investigator, used broader definition to define a haunting, most of the time the evidence was really at best sketchy. Now back to Donna and Brian. Donna as well a good investigator but looked like she was never in it seriously. Brian on the other hand was a good technician and investigator who seems to be a lighting rod for paranormal activity. Much of his evidence was really surprising and intriguing. However since Brian has a personality conflict with Jason Hawes, no dice for Brian to return to the series. Ever since Brian left Ghost Hunters, even the current crew is having problems with finding concrete evidence of the Paranormal unless it is a real active location. Just my humble opinion

  57. I’m having a hard time understanding the motives behind putting Kris in control of the show. They should have picked someone on THAT team with seniority who actually knows how to investigate. I’m sorry but Susan would’ve made a better (and more attractive) choice. Another curiosity is why do they talk to spirits like they’re all mentally slow? Also don’t believe in their rigged flashlight tricks.

    They need to get back to real investigating and stop trying so hard.

  58. Hello to all,
    Guess I’ll put in my 2 cents. I have watched GH,GHI, and a multitude of other paranormal investigative shows. I’m not going to speak bad about anyone because I think we all know its about ratings and money. Some investigators are better than others and all have their own personalities. Some don’t need to be in the field at all. Some are over dramatic, some are professional, some are there just for the ride. Any true investigative team with concrete evidence would submit it to a university or organization with better facilities for a more in depth analysis in my opinion. Science would benefit from true evidence, but only if it is real and not man-made. To all who investigate, I commend you, but i suggest taking your approaches like a police investigative team would. Examine your facts, leave no stone unturned. Debunking is part of the process, but come at it with a scientific and open mind that leads you to the final outcome. This type of field can be compared to fishing, your not going to catch something every time you go out, that’s why its called fishing.
    I find the shows don’t spend that long at one location, and there is a lot of contamination, just remember that these shows are only a small part of a meal called multimedia entertainment tv. We know that they are scripted, edited, and no telling what else goes on behind the scenes. Being an engineer, i think analytically, but am open minded enough to know that there are other answers and other theories yet explored. Remember that these shows are for entertainment and that true scientific study and rational comes in from a totally different direction.
    I would be more impressed if someone devises a way to trap a spirit, then i’ll say its authentic.
    Has anyone in their investigations used a plasma ball as a source of energy for the “spirit” to use?

    might be surprised at the results…..just a suggestion…


  59. I’ve been watching the reruns of GHI(very 1st episodes to last weeks) and there is a BIG difference in teams. I liked the 1st team with Robb,Donna,Andy,Barry,Dustin. I guess Ashley and Brian were OK. I like Barry an Kris, I’m gonna continue watching cuz I’m a Diehard GH & GHI fan. Totally with the teams. Hopefully, I can join a Paranormal Team soon & do my own investigating. Maybe even get a TV series. (JOKING) YOU all need to stay LOYAL, the teams do read comments & it don’t help them when they are being ridiculed. Its probably hard for them, with all the changes.

    1. I hope by now the team members have developed “thick hides” to use an old term. You cannot please everyone all the time. I have only watched GHI three times since Barry took over and everytime I see Barry inaction/in action I wish for Robb to return and I regret watching the show. I think if anyone is to be criticized it is the show editors but they have put together a show that is approximately 40 minutes in length and edit like crazy to put together a story the producer wants with room to allow advertisers. My daughter is a videographer (camera person) for a major network news show (not Faux) and edits as well and she hates the outcome because a lot of relevant material ends up edited out while the producers try to create something they think will sell.
      I do miss Robb’s approach so much even though he seemed to toss out “evidence” on occasion but the new GHI sucks so bad in my opinion and all due to one person.

  60. All these programs are just entertainment and getting worse all the time. I loved watching them when it seemed like they were getting fair evidence but now they are presenting “evidence” that I (as a ghost investigator) would toss out as insignificant. I get better stuff wandering around old factory buildings in Wisconsin.

  61. I’ve been watching the reruns of GHI(very 1st episodes to last weeks) and there is a BIG difference in teams. I liked the 1st team with Robb,Donna,Andy,Barry,Dustin. I guess Ashley and Brian were OK. I like Barry an Kris, I’m gonna continue watching cuz I’m a Diehard GH & GHI fan. Totally with the teams. Hopefully, I can join a Paranormal Team soon & do my own investigating. Maybe even get a TV series. (JOKING) YOU all need to stay LOYAL, the teams do read comments & it don’t help them when they are being ridiculed. Its probably hard for them, with all the changes.

  62. I liked Rob, I think he was a great leader and a good investigator.
    I also like Barry…but I don’t understand why they change the team.

  63. robb i hope you get too come back an the people that dont like robb dont have too watch the show
    but i injoin watching you robb

  64. I adored Robb. He brought my attention to the show. He treated everyone (even the ghosts) with the upmost respect and was a true team leader. I thought he had a wonderful personality, he made me laugh and he demonstrated a very well educated side to his nature. He admitts to being nervous behind the camera and I don’t blame him. I would be too. I think he should write a book about his experiences. He’s been all over the world and has a wealth of knowledge still to bring to an audience. I am saddened to see him leave and I dearly hope he will think about putting himself out in view again. But it not I wish him well. He will do wonderful with whatever he chooses but unfortunately I can’t seem to watch the show without him. 😦

    1. Agree. He has a lot to offer in the entertainment industry or serious paranormal investigations. Of course I hear some get burned out on that type of work, which supposedly even GH (US) have become or some stories say they become possessed or tormented by spirits.

      1. So, you sound like a scientist who explains away the paranormal unless you experience it yourself. I am 58 and always believed in it, from eyewitnesses in person and in literature and internet accounts, but I never had any experiences myself. So I was not surprised over two years ago when I had one ongoing experience that lasted until three months ago, which was benign and did not scare me, and had three witnesses to it when they were with me when it happened in their presence. The other was malevolent, in November 2011, but only happened one time, and did scare me. I was alone at home when it happened, and my cats noticed it also.

        These shows do not claim to be entertainment or fiction, so where do you get that information from? It must be that you are a non believer and won’t accept these shows for what they do. People have had many expereriences with the paranormal and I know some that experienced it in person, and they are lot liars. I can tell liars or those who tell “tall tales”. I can just tell those two types apart.

        Demarest got on my nerves and comes across as wooden and as if he is weird and does not feel comfortable; as if he is scared to make a mistake. Hawes is arrogant, Gonsalves is arrogant and incompetent for his fear of flying and of spiders (he is in the wrong profession), and Wilson and Tango each kiss up to them like puppy dogs. And Hawes and his trite “after you” comment after meetings is irritating. I also question someone getting his body screwed up with graffiti like Gonsalves has. It is ugly and will prevent him from getting a decent job is he ever needs to get one. And the Irish or Scottish guy (Barry?), you can’t understand half of what he says with that accent. He needs to learn clear English for an audience besides his own country. Reminds me of tech services people on the phone from India when calling about computers of software. They are paid little keeping jobs away from Americans and we with our questions about services and equipment suffer because of it. It is called greed practiced by American businesses. There are plent of better ghost shows than GH or GHI, and I wonder why I didn’t stop watching long before I did. I was watching when they found evidence, but when it got to the point of no evidence show after show, I quit.

  65. Barry is the only person who stuck true to the end. I admire him for that. For a while I’ve been expecting Robb to quit. Not that he was bad, he just looked bored doing what he was doing. I was upset that Dustin left or quit or whatever because he was a really good investigator. What upset me the most though was when Andy left near the beginning of the show. He was such a good debunk-er! I just wish the team would stay the same and stop changing all the time because we, the viewers, need to get used to everyone’s tactics. As soon as we get used to someone’s tactics, they leave and another person pops in!

  66. I think Demorest was awful. I stopped watching Ghost Hunters and IGI about 1 1/2 years ago. I agree that they were not finding anything, just walking around and wasting my time. Quite different from when those shows started. Demorest can’t act his way out of a paper bag. And he doesn’t look right, like some wild-eyed guy with mental issues. And that Barry got on my nerves. You could not understand half of what he said, with his accent (for example, for “rain” he would say “ray in”). He needs to learn to speak American English if he is to be on American TV. Ghost Hunters is even worse, with Jason and his massive ego (it shows; I bet he is a big pain to work with). Grant is the best on that show, but he seems intimidated by Jason, and follows him around like a puppy licking his boots. But, I guess there is more money to be made from the show than doing Roto-Rooter work. Me, no money is going to get me to kiss anyone’s behind. And Gonsalves is similar, with Tango kissing his. And those tatoos. All I can think of when I see that is “What an idiot”. To put permanent graffiti on one’s self. Let’s see Gonsalves get a regular job with that. And what does Gonsalves have to offer, not being able to fly on a plane (I don’t like to fly, either, and will not, but if I had a job requiring it, I would do it or quit the job) and being afraid of spiders. I wonder why he got out of law enforcement. Too afraid of things? Those Halloween marathons are a joke. Nothing is found. I quit wasting my time with those before I stopped watching altogether. Another thing was Jason always saying, after talking to a client, “After you” when they get up from the table. So trite it is painful. I have read somewhere that Jason is rude in personal appearances, jumping down the throats of fans when they ask a question that he does not like. There are much better ghost shows to watch, such as “The Dead Files” on Travel Channel, “Celebrity Ghost Stories” and “My Ghost Story” on BIO,and “School Spirits” and “Paranormal Witness” on Sci Fi (I refuse to write Sy Fy; as if that change in spelling means anything); Sci Fi and Chiller channel have the most awful horror movies, I rarely record them. I guess they can’t get the better ones for the channel, such as those that no one will rent. And Sci Fi is fixated on those monster movies, such as “giant” anything, such as gators, bears, snakes, etc. Please . . . Finally, I leave with I don’t understand how Ghost Hunters and IGH stay on the air anymore. Even with the annoying Jason and Gonsalves and Barry, if they would find something in their investigations as they used to do, I would still watch. But as it is, it is a total waste of time. And they get an hour show, when much better ghost shows get only 1/2 hour.

    1. They changed it toSyFy so they could trademarkand copyright it. That means quite a bit, actually. but go ahead and make that stand!

      1. Yes, I agree that the show was good at first. I liked the drama they had with Donna and Brian. I did not know that Grant had quit when I wrote this, as I had not bothered to keep up with it. It got to be painful with Jason’s and Gonsalves’ arrogance. And the kissing up to them by Tango and the others. I am glad I don’t have to hear Jason say “After you” anymore, either. There are much better ghost shows on to be wasting my time on GH and GHI. If they had kept on finding some things as they did at the beginning I might be able to tolerate it. The Halloween specials are the biggest waste of time in TV history, in my view. I don’t see how these shows get any ratings, unless folks are too lazy to search out better ghost shows, of which there are many.

  67. Robb is a douchebag! So happy he is gone. Seriously he was an awkward individual with absolutely no people skills, the show is much better off without him. Also, Donna go use your rosary at church…she was so annoying always clutching those beads for no reason, good riddance!

  68. I also want to comment on the EVPs. When I was watching these shows, they would get EVPs that I could not hear. It was just noise, if anything. Who were they trying to fool? My hearing is good, but I could not hear anything on some of them. There are good EVPs on other shows but these guys are charlatons, I think. I would ask friends, “Did you hear what they said they heard?” and they didn’t hear anything, either. This show became a joke over the years and has gotten no better.

  69. Your all taking this stuff way to seriously. Its entertainment and that’s it. The people on the shows are not paranormal investigators, just paid personalities. There was a video on youtube a while back that showed the GHI cast going over prompts and reactions. Shows like these were originally meant for educational entertainment, a fun way to discuss history.

  70. Dude, I had more than one “ghost” spirit in my last home…over 20 years..they came and hung out. Everyone who stayed there got to see them too. A few full body apparitions which was cool…and one only in mirrors…and trust me, I tried like hell to debunk…find what the f was up…..But what the hell is going on with GHI…Robb was a geek. Couldn’t talk to the clients….Barry is good with tech and getting laid I guess. But as far as the shakeups…it must be hard to get people to travel all over the freaking world…hard…but hard

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