Here was a chance for the FoF team to really shine. They picked an easy case for themselves. All they had to do was write something on a Polaroid with their fingernail and they could recreate the “ghost writing”. Sadly they fumbled the ball in the end zone.

As for the video, the Amazing Randi busted this video years ago. He used a clear piece of acetate and coated it with a opaque substance. In a dark room, he scratched in the ghostly messages on the acetate and covered the Polaroid film.  With a flash from a camera, he  exposed the Polaroid film covered with the ghostly scribbled acetate. Removed the acetate and replace the film in its cartridge. Now each picture is double exposed with the ghostly writing.

The FoF team knew what to do; but, failed to execute the debunk. Rather than trying again, the FoF team gave up. 

As for the sighting of “Old Ray” in Raystown Lake. It’s a log not a sea serpent. Simply put, the team failed to do a simple google search. If they had taken two minutes to google Raystown Lake. They would have found that it is a “man-made lake.” The simplest answers are usually right.