Ghost Hunters International: Wolf’s Lair

This week the GHI team, or most of the team, traveled to the Wolf’s Lair in Poland. I say most of the team because Scott Tepperman was missing. However; Susan Slaughter made a return appearance. I swear the ever-changing cast is like a “Where’s Waldo” of paranormal shows. Having said that, the team investigated the location of Operation Valkyrie fame.

Odd, I thought that the team was recently at Gran Hotel Viena in Argentina looking for Hitler’s ghost. Maybe they should have a new paranormal show exclusively looking for Hitler’s ghost.

Robb and Brandy seemed to get replies to questions with an assortment of devices. What troubled me is that the blinking lights seemed random to me. Although, Robb and Brandy drew a complete narrative from blinking lights. I am not convinced nor do I find the event compelling. Robb asked the alleged female spirit if he took a picture would he see the entity. The blinking lights seemed to indicate yes; although, the show is heavily edited. Robb didn’t bring up the false positive in his review. Robb and Brandy also heard voices that we the audience did not hear and they saw and filmed an odd shadow.

Paul (I saw a scary foot) and Barry played Beethoven in an effort to recreate the Singapore Theory or “Era Cues” as the Ghost Lab people call it. It begs the question was Beethoven ever played in those bunkers? I assume that it may have been, but you know what they say about the word assume.

All in all, it was an entertaining show. What is it about the staff problems with GHI? It’s almost becoming a distraction.


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