Bird or Night Crawler?

Last week, I was watching SyFy’s new paranormal show “Fact or Fake”. FoF is  a fun show that tries to debunk some of the viral videos on the net.  Last week’s episode was “Unwanted Visitors/Strange Sightings“.

I was a bit upset that FoF wasted time on one segment was clearly a balloon. Still, as Ben explained to me, part of the show is about the experiments.

The other episode was about a mysterious “night crawler” that was filmed in a man’s yard. My first thought was that it was  a  puppet. The FoF crew had the same idea and tried to recreate the shot with their own puppet. While it was close, it was not the same thing.  The FoF crew surrendered and moved on to the next case. I just couldn’t let it go …

… its a bird !!!

It’s a Snowy Egret

If you watch the film, and you  know what it is, you’ll even notice its wing move.


13 thoughts on “Bird or Night Crawler?

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  1. Nope Not a bird,,If you look closely its thinner than the tree,,no way a bird, interesting,i dont know what it is but its not that bird you show,nice try tho,,to thin,,It actually looks like two sticks with sweat pants.

  2. I doubt it’s a bird, it looks to me like a blanket with two legs. Plus, when the Fact or Faked people went to follow it in the forest. It didn’t leave footprints, but instead it left all of the grass layed down as if a wheel had went over it.
    So I think it’s an unknown animal or alien.

  3. The night crawler could be recreated with an jointed a frame and a sheet tied in the fashion you see. Three people would be needed to make it ‘walk’ and would EASILY be edited out of the shot.

    1. Spaceships,bigfoot,lochness all unusual but all have a solid case against what they really are. This one doesnt really have one and to the person whon said it was a wheel smart idea bit how do you explain knocked over camera, the electronics messing up notice the guy’s camera was workin fine till the thing got closer, and last but not least the freshly flatten and layed down grass leading to the pond you explain dat and you got yourself a case.

  4. At one point, I became very interested in figuring out what this thing is. I replayed the video over and over again.
    Listen to this:
    If you watch close enough, as the creature walks just below the numbers on the screen, look at the top of the figure….
    I saw a face.

    1. Its a free country. You can believe that a magical alien walked through a fence, and call anyone who disagrees with you stupid, or you can believe that it is a very poor picture of a terrestrial creature. In this case, it’s a bird.

  5. If you look closely like a smart person, it doesn’t have the erratic movements of a bird walking. Birds also have never walked like that, they don’t have such a straight pattern to walking. Plus, why didn’t it just fly off? It will go undecided until a REAL theory is made. What you’re suggesting is just flat preposterous.

    1. I agree. Think about a turkey. I have two boxers, and have had many turkeys in my neighborhood. When my dogs bark at them, they scatter. Hell when my dogs barks at crow it flys off. These creatures kept on walking towards the house even with the dogs going crazy….if in fact the guy has dogs. I gues we will never really know the truth but its no Snowy Egret

  6. Its defiantely not the Snowy Egret. The “Night Crawlers” were also caught on a security camera in Yosemite walking down someones drive way. This footage actually catches them from a side view . You can clearly tell in this video its not a bird. Check it out:

    And a side view of the Snowy Egret:

    Obviously there is curvature to the bird. The “Night Crawlers” are stick like vertical figures with no curves. Even when they walk, you can clearly see there is no bend in the legs like the Snowy Egret. Their physical appearance is that of a grape with two tooth picks coming out to depict legs. Nothing more.

    Also, ive watched a few videos of the Snowy Egret and they are 1. not as tall, and 2. walk very fast with small steps. The “Night Crawler” walks in a very smooth and slow manner.

    Not saying its an alien but definately something unknown to us; not a Snowy Egret. Im not a bird expert but you can analyze the videos of the Night Crawler and photos/videos of the bird and clearly tell they differe in many areas.

    Guess well have to wait for one to be caught to really know what it is!

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