Ghost Hunters International: Sweeney Todd

Foot or faked

For the most part, I enjoyed the Sweeney Todd episode. Even though, there is no ghost of Sweeney Todd, but why let a little thing like that get in the way of a good show.  I guess that my favorite part of the GHI show are the wonderful locations.

In this episode, the GHI cast traveled to Margam Castle – Port Talbot, Whales and The Ostrich Inn – Colnbrook, England. Each location had a colorful history and interesting reports of paranormal activity.  The Margam Castle investigation was the better of the two.

Despite the obvious white elephant in the room, the missing GHA winners, the team seemed to be more relaxed. The overall vibe was much better than the previous episode.  At one point, Rob said to Barry, ” I think your taking this ghost hunting thing a little too seriously”. Man, that made me laugh. Brandy smiled when hearing the playback of an evp.  Scott Tepperman really shined in this episode. He looks like a solid asset to the team. I really enjoyed his reaction to being touched.

A good location, a good team performance, and some good investigation from the team members made this investigation an entertaining one. I wish that we had gotten an equally good performance from Paul at the  Ostrich Inn.

The Ostrich Inn claims to be the inspiration for Sweeney Todd. While the Inn was an interesting location, I did not like the lack of backbone displayed by Paul. At one point Barry and Paul hear some noise coming from the next room. Paul takes a look and returns claiming that he saw a foot and that was as far as he was going to go. Barry checks out the room and finds the bed and room empty

Unfortunately, the Tech  Manager did not bother to take a camera with him. If this had been a ghost, Paul missed the picture of a lifetime. Why didn’t he have a camera with him? If the foot belonged to a person, why didn’t he talk to the person? Does he lack the testicular fortitude to ask a stranger why they are there?  How hard is it to tap the dude’s big toe and ask, “who the heck are you?”

Why didn’t someone check to see if the bed was still warm? How hard is it to touch a bed and figure out that the foot probably belonged to the chef who may have forgotten that it was Ghost Hunting night.

It seemed to me that Paul forgot two important things when he investigated the room. One, he forgot to take a camera and two, he forgot to bring a spine. If you don’t have the stones for the job, let someone else do it. I’m sure that one of the GHA people would be glad to take your job.

Despite Paul’s disappointing behavior the show was entertaining.


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