Ghost Hunters International and Robin Hood’s ghost

Will Karl be the first to go?

Ghost Hunters International visited the “Galleries of Justice” in Nottingham, England in search of the ghost of Robin Hood. While it may seem a little silly, I actually enjoyed the episode.  Maybe, it had something to do with the lack of Dustin Pari. It’s not that I dislike Dustin; but, the way he wears his hat drives me to distraction. Having said that, the team had plenty of new faces.

Susan Slaughter, Karl Pfeiffer, and Scott Tepperman have joined the cast while Joe Chin and Dustin Pari have disappeared. It looks as though GHI is the place where ghost hunter careers go to die. After watching last night’s GHI episode, I would bet that the first person to go would be Karl. I couldn’t help but notice the “we don’t need you vibe” from the rest of the team. Although, I had the same feeling about Ashley Godwin and she is still on the show. Either Ashley or more likely Susan will leave, and the old reliable Joe Chin will waddle back to the GHI team. 

As with so many other GHI locations, I loved this location. I would like to have seen more of the location before going dark. As for the Robin Hood connection … shrug.

GHI might consider adding a medic to the team after seeing Paul Bradford’s leap from the judge’s bench. Let’s face it, other than Karl and Robb, the men of the GHI team are not athletes. Scott even made a reply, “do I look like I go to the gym?”

All in all, GHI is far superior to Ghost Hunters Academy. I expect to hear that GHA has been cancelled at any moment. If Karl and Susan disappear in a couple of episodes, as I expect, I think that GHA will disappear almost as quickly.

GHI managed to find some interesting evps; but, I would like to have seen more to debunk the noise. Since, the building being investigated was next to a street.

A full recap can be found here


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  1. Not to be mean but honestly I am happy to see new replacement for Dustin. Dustin(in my own opinion) is actually stuck on him self. He think that he is all that,(me,myself and I is his attitude). I have spoken to Dustin on Face book & Twitter and all I get back from his new topic(so he will not be embarrass to talk to me) is him being totally sarcastic!..Dustin is a ignorant guy with a teenage attitude.Among other GHI members responding with kindness to their fans on My Space, face book & Twitter,(even with their BUSY schedule), that is Dustin excuse of why there are no comments for his My Space. Dustin claims it will blog down his profile but it will not if you only EXCEPT text comments.I see his true colors and with him throwing his religious into everyone’s face all over the web,that is him playing with your head,(wanting everyone to think that he is the nicest guy that anyone could ever meet).I know better than that, and a psychic could tell ya!. He is frightening and I would be scared to death being seen by him.Dustin has several alias names on the web.

  2. Kris Williams is the hottest person on two legs. If you want the ratings of GHI to go up. During the warmer investigations have her in a bikini. When they do the side things to have fun. Putting Susan in a Bikini wouldnt hurt either. I know my eyes will be glues to the screen if Kris is in a bikini.

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