Season 2 of Ghost Hunters Academy

Natalie voted off

This season’s cadets are Adam Berry, Brett McGinnis, Daniel Hwang, Eric Baldino, Michelle Tate, Natalie Poole, Rosalyn Brown, and Vera Martinez. Of course, it begs the question, what happened to Ben Smith and Chris Smith? They were supposed to return for season two. Perhaps they will appear later in the season; but, my guess is that they were simply dropped from the show.

The cadets are older (some are in their thirties) and more professional looking and the show has a better structure.  A couple of cadets are picked to move to the next round and the rest of the cadets vote someone off the team, or as I like to say, rip each other apart like a pack of wild dogs.  It seems odd to preach teamwork and then have your team turn on each other, but what do I know about paranormal research.

The team traveled to Waverly Hills Sanatorium. They managed to pick up some evps. Natalie wandered away from the group a couple of times. Of course, I have to wonder if the camera man follows you and the rest of the group doesn’t who strayed from the group? Did the group stray or did Natalie stray?

At any rate, the cadets turned on Natalie and she was voted off the show. Jason Hawse came off looking like the bully so many people believe him to be. He chewed out Daniel Hwang when Daniel was indecisive about his vote. Hawse bullied him with a “maybe you should be the one to go.” Maybe we should call him Attila the Hawse.

One episode was enough for me, I wont be following up on Ghost Hunters Academy 2. I suspect that it will be the same thing in every show. One cadet will stumble with the equipment or there will be personality problems leading to the rest of the team voting that person off the show. Hawse will continue to bully people and cadets will leave in tears.

On the plus side, this frees up my Wednesday nights.


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  1. I would rather follow up with some good guys like Chris Smith. ( Honestly no relation ) It seems to me that his instructors were nothing but over glorified bullies themselves. They needed to give their students more praise than they did. I’m glad to see Chris Smith get the well deserved attention on Paranormal Challenge due him! Good for him!!!

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