Ghost Hunters and ‘Norwich State’

Norwich Moving Door
Norwich Moving Door

Once again our intrepid team of ghost hunters hit the road in search of the paranormal. In this case, they travel to Norwich State Hospital in Preston, Connecticut.  Jay and Grant claim that they have wanted to investigate this location for years. Too them, this investigation is a dream come true. Odd how they seem to have one of these “dream come true” investigations each season.

Once again KJ McCormick joins Britt Griffith, Amy Bruni, Kris Williams, Jason and Grant in this investigation. My guess is that KJ will disappear in much the same way as many other TAPS members.

Jason and Grant hear what they describe as sounding like  ‘someone kicking a puppy.’  I found it kind of disturbing that Jay and Grant where all to familiar with the “sound of a kicked puppy” but I don’t want to think about that anymore.

Britt and the mysterious KJ hear a an odd series of noises; however, we are talking about a decaying building. Jay and Grant see a shadow. Amy has a “Most Haunted” profanity-laced meltdown when a door moves.

Amy’s meltdown was probably the best part of the show. We see both Amy and Kris in the camera shot while the door behind them moves. I might point out that this is the second episode that we see an object move while not totally in frame.  Could that be a preview of things yet to come?

I might also point out to the Ghost Hunters that doors are designed to move and a door’s movement may not be paranormal. It was this same group that claimed to investigate in a skeptical fashion and yet a door moving suggests paranormal activity?

But hey, what do I know. Afterall I’m not an expert on the sound of a puppy being kicked.

All in all, the GH cast seemed to do little more than sleep-walk through another episode. Sadly, KJ didn’t add anything to the show. It seemed an odd way to leave the season hanging, but it looks like Ghost Hunters needs a serious regroup.


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