Ghost Hunters ‘Spirits of the Night’

The Ghost Hunters went back to their roots (well sort of) with an investigation of a private home. The family was in need of help and a medium wanted to charge them 300 dollars to clean the house of spirits. Of course, I would have wanted them to dust and do the carpets too, but that’s me.

The medium told the family not to “provoke the spirits”; however, I guess for the right amount of money the medium was willing to do the job.  Maybe its just me, but I couldn’t stop laughing.

Jason and Grant brought a new face with them on this investigation. My, oh my are the ghost hunters dropping like flies. The new person “K.J” is an old friend of Jason so I guess that means that he doesn’t need training. However; after watching him for a while, I couldn’t help but think that he wouldn’t  last one episode of Ghost Hunters Academy.

During the investigation, Amy thought that she heard a child’s voice (or was it a squeak), while the rest of the crew heard various bumps and thumps. The most interesting evidence in the show was a moving stroller.

Hearing what they thought to be the stroller, Jay and Grant moved it in front of a camera. They claim that they placed the object in such a way as to be in the frame of the shot while also watching the window. However; if that were true why would they place the stroller in such a way that only half of it was in frame? Clearly, all they needed to do was to move the stroller a few inches up and it would have been entirely in frame.

The object moves but we can not tell if it is a case for the “Ghost Hunters” or for “Billy the Exterminator”. If fact, if I was hearing thumps, bumps, and squeaks, my first call would be for an exterminator rather than an exorcist.

In the early seasons of Ghost Hunters, Jay would have thrown this evidence out. Case in point, the blanket that was pulled off of Grant’s foot. Jason couldn’t see Grant’s other foot so he through the whole thing out. Here we can’t see what moved the stroller but it remains as evidence?

Of course, had it been an earlier season Jay would have blamed the camera angle on Brain and spent 5 minutes of the show chewing him out.

Was the moving stroller hoaxed, I’ll let you make up your mind on that. I believe that it was. Spirit of the night or spirit of deception, you decide. Check out the link to watch the episode ….


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