Ronald Reagan’s occult interests – Boing Boing

  We all know that Ronald and Nancy Reagan consulted astrologers, but apparently the 40th president was also well-versed in the writings of occult scholar Manly P. Hall, most famous for his 1928 tome The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Over at the Washington Post, former BB guestblogger Mitch Horowitz, author of the excellent "Occult... Continue Reading →


Bonfires, broomsticks and barbecues: Czechs mark Witches’ Night – Radio Prague

  April 30 is Čarodějnice, or Witches’ Night. In the past, this date was believed to bring the arrival of spring. People would gather to burn bonfires in order to dispel evil spirits. Nowadays, the celebration is still popular among Czechs, and the organizers of Prague’s biggest witches’ night celebration at Ladronka park are getting... Continue Reading →

Bizarre viking necklace find in North Clare | Latest News

  The largest ever Viking necklace discovered in Ireland has been unearthed in North Clare. Archaeologists at the dig at Glencurran Cave in The Burren National National Park have described the find as bizarre. The necklace which is 1,150 years old is described as a stunning piece of jewellery and up to 12 times longer... Continue Reading →

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