‘Noah’s Ark’ found in Turkey | The Sun |News


THE remains of Noah’s Ark have been discovered 13,000ft up a Turkish mountain, it has been claimed.

A group of Chinese and Turkish evangelical explorers say they have found wooden remains on Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey.

They claim carbon dating proves the relics are 4,800 years old — around the same time the ark was said to be afloat.

Noah's Ark

Biblical tale … Noah filled the ark with two of each animal species

Yeung Wing-Cheung, from the Noah’s Ark Ministries International research team, said: "It’s not 100 per cent that it is Noah’s Ark, but we think it is 99.9 per cent that this is it."


He said the structure contained several compartments, some with wooden beams, that they believe were used to house animals.

The group of evangelical archaeologists ruled out an established human settlement on the grounds none have ever been found above 11,000ft in the vicinity, Yeung said.


Local Turkish officials will ask the central government in Ankara to apply for UNESCO World Heritage status so the site can be protected while a major archaeological dig is conducted.

The biblical story says that God decided to flood the Earth after seeing how corrupt it was.

He then told Noah to build an ark and fill it with two of every animal species.

After the flood waters receded, the Bible says, the ark came to rest on a mountain.

Many believe that Mount Ararat, the highest point in the region, is where the ark and her inhabitants ran aground.

‘Noah’s Ark’ found in Turkey | The Sun |News

Review of Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul

Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul
by John Eldredge
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10: 1400202817
ISBN-13: 978-1400202812

(4 stars out of 5)

“Wild at Heart: Discovering the Secret of a Man’s Soul” by John Eldredge encourages men to be the warriors that God created us to be. I couldn’t help but think of the song “Impossible Dream”.

It is the mission of each true knight…
His duty… nay, his privilege!
To dream the impossible dream,
To fight the unbeatable foe,
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go;
To right the unrightable wrong.

Eldredge laments that men have been taught to be “nice guys” rather than following their hearts. However; three steps can lead a man back to his “wild at heart” nature. The three things are: “Deep in his heart, every man longs for a battle to fight”, “Deep in his heart, every man longs for an adventure to live”, and “Deep in his heart, every man needs a beauty to rescue.”

“God designed men to be aggressive”, writes Eldredge. In other words, a man needs an “Impossible Dream”, a mission, or quest for his life.

Eldredge goes on to say, “Deep in his heart, every man longs for an adventure to live.” Don’t fear failure, charge after your heart’s desire. True adventure is developing an intimate relationship with God.

“Deep in his heart, every man needs a beauty to rescue.” Eldredge goes on to say that a man should continue to persue his beauty. If a relationship has gone stale perhaps it is because the man has forgotten to persue his love.

I guess it’s a reminder that we are all men of La Mancha.

I give it 4 stars out of 5.

I received this complimentary book from Thomas Nelson for review purposes.