Ghost Hunters: Inn of the Dead

Ghost Hunters park in handicap space
Ghost Hunters park in handicap space

Which one is handicapped Jay or Grant?

I was reading the comments about the Ghost Hunters and a comment about the use of walkie-talkies while driving caught my attention.  I think that we all know driving while distracted is an invitation to disaster. It shows a certain disrespect to other drivers and says that our safety is not as important as a their shot on the Ghost Hunters show.  

I think that sort of self-absorption can be seen in Jay and Grant parking in a handicap space. How hard would it have been for these two healthy gentlemen to have parked one space over?

As for the episode, “Inn of the Dead” it was as dead as the title indicates. Shadows, that we the audience did not see. Sounds of screams, that we the audience did not hear. Amy and Kris show us some silly flashlight tricks.

Sometimes, I have to wonder if the Ghost Hunters themselves are interested in what they are doing. Steve didn’t even bother to change out of his pajamas while reviewing the evidence. Talk about sleep walking through an episode.

No ghostly prostitutes or naked ghosts just an evp that no one could understand.  The best part of the show was when Amy had a verbal gaffe while concluding that a suicide victim may have reached the end of his rope. Oh Amy …


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  1. I know this looks bad, but if the inn was closed for their show an no one else was coming they may have been told to park there. My husband works in places like apartment complexes and condos and is often told to park in a handicapped spot because they are often the only spaces in a garage that are not reserved and the owners know if anyone who lives there uses those spaces. Is thi space at the inn they are incestigating? My daughter is in a wheelchair, so believe me, if they were doing this at the grocery store or mall I’d be pissed!

    1. This was after the investigation, Jay and Grant returned to the Inn to do the reveal. While the Inn may have been closed an unexpected handicapped person may have pulled up. I still think that its a bad example to set. It would not hurt Jay and Grant to walk an extra few feet.

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