Review: Jane Slayre

Jane Slayre

Jane Slayre


Jane Slayre
by Charlotte Bronte, Sherri Browning Erwin
Publisher: Gallery; Original edition (April 13, 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1439191182
ISBN-13: 978-1439191187

(4 1/2 stars out of 5)

I guess that most of us can remember reading Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre in high school or perhaps catching it on tv while channel surfing to a PBS station. It is the story of a young woman who falls in love with her employer Edward Rochester.

One of the moving lines from the book is the first line of the last chapter, “Reader, I married him.” However; Sherri Browning Erwin changes the line to read, “Reader, I buried him.” Come on now, tell me that wasn’t an improvement!

I love these mash-ups. If you have ever read one of these classics and thought to yourself that it could be so much better with vampires, werewolves, and zombies then Jane Slayre is for you. Its sort of like Jane Eyre as told by the Addams Family.

Jane is raised by vampires and accepts a job as a governess for Mr. Rochester’s daughter, Adele. However; does Rochester have some skeletons in the closet or attic to be more precise. Or could it be a werewolf?

All in all, this book is very well written. I loved it. By the way, you can download some Jane Slayre extras here.

I give it 4 1/2 bloody stakes out of five.

Received this book courtesy of Gallery and Pocket Books, for review purposes.

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