Review: Will The World End In 2012? by Raymond C. Hundley, PH.D.

Will The World End In 2012? by Raymond C. Hundley, PH.D.
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN-10: 1400202965
ISBN-13: 978-1400202966

(3 stars out of 5)

Dr. Hundley tackles the top ten “end of the world” predictions for 2012. Each prediction gets its own chapter: The Mayan Factor, Solar Storms, CERN and the Large Hadron Collider, The Predictions of Nostradamus, The Reversal of the Magnetic Poles, Collision with Planet X, Earth’s Alignment with the Galactic Plane, Eruption of the Super Volcano, The Web Bot Project, and Religious Predictions of the End of the World.

Dr. Hundley gives a brief summary along with his opinion of each ‘”earth-ending” prediction at the end of each chapter. As I finished each chapter, I kept asking myself, “is that it?” Considering that we are talking about the end of the world, I thought Dr. Hunley might cover the subject with a little more detail. I think that I’ve seen more on the History channel.

If you have seen any of these apocalyptic programs on tv or read any of the books on the subject, Dr. Hunley’s revelations will not be new to you. If, however, you have been living in a cave and missed any of these stories then you might find this book interesting.

Having said that, I liked Dr. Hunley’s epilogue in which he stressed a plan of salvation. 

I give it 3 earth ending apocalypse out of 5.

I received this complimentary book from Thomas Nelson for review purposes.


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