Woman stabs man with Wicca dagger : News : KVII


ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) – Police say a woman who invited a man to join her in a Wiccan celebration of spring stabbed him multiple times near a popular hiking trail east of Albuquerque, then told other hikers she’d been raped.

But Police Chief Ray Schultz says the evidence didn’t add up, and the man she’d identified as the offender appears to be the victim.

An arrest warrant for 30-year-old Angela Sanford charges her with an open count of murder in the stabbing death of Joel Leyba.

Police say she stabbed him with a dagger she brought along to use as part of her Wicca ritual.

In a MySpace blog, Sanford writes about dreams, particularly the recurring image of a pale horse, and quotes biblical passages.

Woman stabs man with Wicca dagger : News : KVII

Author: Barry

A knight is sworn to valor.

One thought on “Woman stabs man with Wicca dagger : News : KVII”

  1. It is really annoying when you hear things like this, Wicca isn’t a bad religion, wiccan people do not hurt anyone intentionally. She, in my eyes, is obviously not Wiccan. People who claim to be wiccan, and then do these things really make me angry, wicca is about peace. Not killing. This is not Wicca.

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