Review: The Second Coming (Words of the Prophecy)

The Second Coming

by David H. Burton 

(4 1/2 stars out of 5) 

The world has shifted on its axis and plunged civilization into a new dark age. Demons and the undead prowl the land and chaos reigns. The power of bloodcraft and witchcraft is contested by witch hunters. 

“What if God was immoral.” Demiurge? 

Paine and his twin sister Lya live in a rural village. The pair practice magic that soon brings the attention of the Witch Hunters. The Witch Hunters kill Paine and Lya’s parents and drive the twins into the country. In time the twins learn much more about themselves. 

Man, this is a dark and powerful story.  There must be some creepy things wandering around in the dark corners of  David Burton’s mind. Oh yes, I liked it. 

“The man screamed as they swarmed him. He recoiled from their touch and raised his 
cross once more. It was futile. Each soul dove within him, taking their life’s pain and misery 
with them. The Hunter bent over, convulsing. The crossbow tumbled from his hands, 
misfiring and knocking over the oil lamp. The glass shattered and the oil spilled across the 
wooden floor. He gripped the silver cross holding it forth once more, but it seared the 
Hunter’s fingers and the scent of burnt flesh fouled the air. He foamed at the mouth. The 
Hunter slid down the wall and writhed on the floor. The cross slipped from his fingers. His 
body tensed and convulsed. He choked on his own tongue, and then finally went still.” 

(I give it 4 1/2 demons out of 5) 

Received this book courtesy of David H. Burton, for review purposes.

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