Review: City of Dreams & Nightmare

City of Dreams and Nightmare

By Ian Whates
Published by Angry Robot

(5 out of 5stars)

Thaiburley, a vertical city,  is the setting for Ian Whates’ first book of his  “City of a Hundred Rows” series.  In Thaiburley, the poor live at the bottom while the wealthy live in the “Upper Heights” not unlike real life. 

Our hero, a young thief named Tom, tries to impress a girl by stealing a demon egg.  Come on fellas, we’ve all done some dumb things to impress the ladies. A hero in fantasy literature with the simple name of Tom? Usually, authors give their hero a tongue-twisting vowel-movement of a handle in hopes that the odd name will give the story an exotic feel.  Whates doesn’t need that tactic.

Tom has an ability to almost disappear when he desires, an ability found in some of our modern-day politicians. Using this skill, Tom climbs to the “upper Heights” and witnesses a murder. Tom flees for his life only to be pursued by the Kite Guard and a ninja butler.

All in all, it is an excellent book. The city is almost a character on its own. One of the best creatures is the demon hound, a spider-like beast that can influence the minds of weak people. I don’t know why I think of Nancy Pelosi and congress when thinking about the abilities of the demon hound.

I give it 5 “Jeradine” sculptures out of 5 …

Received this book courtesy of Angry Robot, for review purposes.

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