Medium Chris Conway has left ‘Most Haunted’

As it turns out Medium Chris Conway has resigned from “Most Haunted”. He gave his reasons for leaving on his web site; but, later he had to remove them under pressure from “Most Haunted”.

Unfortunatey i’ve been ordered to take this statement down and issue an apology as i’m apparently bound by confidentiality. I am sorry if my opinion of your show is covered by confidentiality. I am sorry if my opinion has upset anyone. I will expect a similar apology from your employees who have tried to dirty my name.

Thanks to the power of the internet, here is what Chris wrote:

“I’d like to start by thanking you guys for all the love and support you have given me since the start of my Most Haunted adventure 🙂 However, I feel I can no longer continue as Most Haunted resident medium. I appreciate the chance given to me to work in television and I plan to continue to do so in some other show.

I had the decision to make between fame/money V’s My beliefs and principles. I won’t go into details but I couldn’t be a part of something I didn’t trust. Too many things were happening contrary to what I was picking up or at times picking up no spirit activity at all.

I thought it wrong to agree with the fans criticisms of the show while picking up a pay cheque from Antix Productions. I feel that we were either the luckiest paranormal investigation group in the world or the tapping’s, stone throwing etc wasn’t paranormal. This is of course my opinion and is in no way any accusation of fraud on my part. My decision was made for me when I realised that on receiving my call sheet on a Friday the venue was being written on it for this series. I am strongly against any advanced knowledge of where I’m investigating (unless it is made clear I know). I opened the files and looked up my hotel whilst having to ignore the rest of my call sheet. This meant I felt like I wasn’t fully involved.

I also feel that I wasn’t involved enough in the actual investigations. If I didn’t manage to pick up all the information in the first 15 minutes I’d lost my chance. Even bringing stuff through at the hub wasn’t being aired. This I felt was not fair on myself or the fans.

I understand that many people don’t believe in mediumship and feel we should not have been used on the show. I respect this viewpoint and I feel that every belief system has to have a balanced argument. If everyone was a believer it would be open to abuse. However, if everyone was a sceptic it would mean that we may miss some important phenomena.

I realise that this statement may invite some mud slinging from Antix Productions but it is my opinions and the truth as I see it. I feel my fans (and Most Haunted fans in general) deserve to hear my truthful reasons for leaving the show. I refuse to walk away with an excuse of why I left, in the hope it will prevent my name being tarnished by others.”



I’ve been hard on Mediums, but I have to say that I have found a lot of respect for Chris Conway. I can only imagine the stress of leaving big money and fame for my beliefs. Should that day ever come, I hope that I would have the strength to do the honorable thing.


16 thoughts on “Medium Chris Conway has left ‘Most Haunted’

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  1. I know someobe that was a cameraman on the show, Karl made him fill his pockets with stones to throw on investigations….

    1. I’ve heard the same thing. Although, I have to admit that its one of my guilty pleasures to watch the show. Like almost all of the paranormal shows, Most Haunted is to paranormal investigation what pro wrestling is to sports.

      1. actually, to me, that honor would go to that guy zak, on ghost adventures. what a friggin weenie!! but, don’t you just love those awesome arms…. RRRRRWWWWWOOOOOWWWWWRRRR

    2. Awk to be honest I stopped watching MH a long time ago, that show almost made me lose my faith in the afterlife. Derek Akorah only ever served to make a bloody fool of himself. Maybe the guy does have psychic abilities, but if so, why the hell milk the cow and make himself look…well, just crazy! I have visited this site because I would just really love to tell Chris Conway that he 2million per cent did the right thing leaving that bloody show, they took the piss out of the paranormal world, and made sceptics all over the field bounce up and down in their armchairs shouting, ” see,see, we told ya,s your all bonkers!!!” Well thank Heaven, faith can be restored in the shape of Chris Conway! Keep it real man!!!!!!!

  2. i love chris he was the life of the show i think it is impossible for someone to dirty his name cus as far as im concerened hes the real thing 🙂 hope he comes back to our screens doing what he loves 🙂

  3. Most haunted has become so boring just latley that i fall asleep evertime its on, ghost adventurers is much better, Hes better off well done for not being greedy seems a very nice chap.

    1. Most Haunted was the grandmother of these paranormal shows and it has become a little boring at times. I guess in part due to its inability to change. MH needs to lose some of the hoaxers like Stewart (known as pebbles by the crew — for throwing stones during investigations) and add some tech to the show.

  4. chris conway… YOU ARE A LEGEND! sorry to see you leave the show, but glad to see your honorable to yourself. all the best for the future x

  5. loved most haunted and m gutted that chris has left he was actually the only one i thought trustworthy hope he goes on to do great things!!!

  6. I belive Chris is the best part of most haunted. He is the only medium that I respect. I am a huge skeptic of mediums however Chris Conway is sumone I respect and admire of his abilities. Good luck Chris. You will be missed!!

  7. Hi I am just watching the new second episode.( Perth WA time) What ever happened to the famous ORBS how come they are no more, the next we had was banging, footsteps ,tapping etc,tables moving and some wisps of smoke I thought the newest episodes would show something different. here we are with the newest episodes, and they only people hearing anything are the crew i cannot hear a thing??? Even with the replay. As we speak Stewart is blabbing on about something and Cath well does her usual shout I heard something. Getting a wee bit lost in the mist here, I did like David Wells I must say and i guess they have not kept up the momentum from his input.
    You are loosing me as a watcher. Hope something changes


  8. I think Chris Conway is wonderful, everything everyone has said about most haunted is true. What a bunch of money grabbing lairs. They have been caught on tape banging things and throwing things as well. I really, think it is time for Most Haunted to hang up their coats. Love you Chris xxxx Scott Monsoon and Patsy May.

  9. chris conway, best medium ever on the MH show, sad he left, but glad he has principles. Wish he had his own programme, would be glued to it.

  10. You should follow Glen & Ahmed on YouTube,I’m not sure they no what they are doing but! I think it’s very genuine! Dorsetghostinvestigators

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