Review: Kell’s Legend

Kell's Legend

Kell’s Legend by Andy Remic

(4 stars out of 5)

Kell’s Legend is a fast-paced hack and slash story by Andy Remic. It is Remic’s first novel in the Clockwork Vampires Chronicles. For the most part, it is a typical heroic fantasy sword and sorcery type of yarn. However; Remic sets the bar higher with the introduction of a wonderful villain, the Clockwork Vampires.

These vampires have bled their homeland dry and they are on the march in search of new blood. They are a type of borg-like vampires, who live on refined blood or “bloodoil”. An army of albinos and a myriad of odd creatures like the “harvesters” move south with the vampires in an effort to conquer Falanor.

Kell, his granddaughter Nienna, friend Katrina, and roguish swordsman Saark flee to the south in an effort to warn the King of the invasion. In time we learn that Kell is a bit darker than is portrayed by his legend.

It was a bit nostalgic for me. I couldn’t help but think of afternoons filled with Howard’s Conan and Gemmell’s Legend. A fun ride …

I give it four bloody axes out of five.

Received this ebook courtesy of Angry Robot, for review purposes.


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