BBC News – Rosslyn Chapel was haven for bees

  The bees entered the hive through a carved flower An ancient chapel has revealed a new mystery with the discovery of a 600-year-old hive built into the stones. Builders renovating Rosslyn Chapel, which was made famous in The Da Vinci Code, found the "unprecedented" hive while dismantling a rooftop pinnacle. The bees entered the... Continue Reading →


Bahrain plans to make sorcery a criminal offence – Culture & Society –

  BLACK MAGIC: Australian witch Caroline Tully practices witchcraft at her home. Bahrain officials plan to make it a criminal offence. (Getty Images) The practice of sorcery and witchcraft could be soon become a criminal offence in Bahrain, it was reported on Tuesday. Shura Council officials approved the addition of a new article to the... Continue Reading →

An archaeological mystery in a half-ton lead coffin

  In the ruins of a city that was once Rome's neighbor, archaeologists last summer found a 1,000-pound lead coffin. Who or what is inside is still a mystery, said Nicola Terrenato, the University of Michigan professor of classical studies who leads the project—the largest American dig in Italy in the past 50 years. The... Continue Reading →

Biblical plagues really happened say scientists – Telegraph

  The arrival of toxic algae would have forced frogs to leave the water where they lived Photo: Getty Researchers believe they have found evidence of real natural disasters on which the ten plagues of Egypt, which led to Moses freeing the Israelites from slavery in the Book of Exodus in the Bible, were based.... Continue Reading →

Nox Arcana Transylvania Giveaway | Season of Shadows Blog

  Nox Arcana’s fourth venture into dark soundscapes, “Transylvania,” pays homage to creatures that stalk the night. Blood-suckers, lycanthropes and necromancing crones come to life amidst its twenty-one haunting tracks. Perfect for playing during your Halloween party, Halloween haunt, or to set the mood for engaging in some darkly creative artwork, Transylvania is sure to... Continue Reading → | Community | Blog Archive | The Episcopal Church, Wiccans, and the Divine Feminine

  I suppose nothing The Episcopal Church does should shock me any more. Nonetheless, it does. In this holiest of Christian seasons, on the evening before Passion Sunday, the Cathedral of All Souls Episcopal Church in Asheville, N.C., hosted an event in its parish hall for an organization called The Mother Grove Goddess Temple. The... Continue Reading →

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