The Legend of Rose Hall


little girl?

I thought that this was one of the better episodes of GHI produced by SyFy this season. Of course, it was called the winter finale as opposed to the stupid mid-season finale that it has been called in the past. Come on people,it is either mid-season or a finale, it can’t be both. The show will pick up again this summer so the name winter finale makes more sense. I guess that they will add the winners of the Ghost Academy show to the cast when it re-starts.

In “The Legend of Rose Hall”, the team traveled to Jamaica to investigate Rose Hall. I guess what I liked the most was the effort to debunk the claims of paranormal activity. I liked how Rob actually walked the client around and showed her how to create the face in the mirror. The solid debunking was proceeded by a case in the Duran Sanatorium of Costa Rica in which the team found possible evidence of a haunting.

The Duran Sanatorium case was interesting due to the images captured by the GHI team. The team collected one rather poor EVP but the most interesting evidence were the camera shots. While I remain skeptical of the interpretation of the images, I am left wondering just what they were. Having said that, I do not see a little girl in the image above.  However; I have no clue what it might be..

In short, it was good debunking and good collection of anomalies. I was both entertained and intrigued.


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