Paranormal Cops: Stirring up the dead

This investigation took place at the “The Stag’s Head” which is a bar that is undergoing renovations.

Basically, Fabs and the crew set up to investigate the “Stag’s Head” in much the same way as other paranormal investigators. They set up some sound equipment, a couple of static cameras, and tour the building in much the same fashion as other investigators. Being profession investigators, on their day job, I expected more.

Shortly into the investigation, the sounds of alleged footsteps were heard on a set of stairs. Sadly, little if anything was done to debunk the sounds. Was it sounds from another set of stairs? Did the sound carry from somewhere else? Was it even footsteps? We don’t know. If the team did try to debunk the sounds, it was not made part of the show.

The crew also allegedly heard the sounds of a woman. In all honesty, it sounded a lot like a cat to me. Yet again, nothing was done to test if the sound may have traveled from somewhere else.

In another part of the show, the medium came up with a word, grove. I couldn’t help but laugh as the crew tried to find a meaning for that word. As it turns out, the word was part of the former name of the bar. How hard is it to attach the word grove to anything? I knew a family named Grove. I have a friend who lives in a place with grove in its name.

I guess the most disappointing part of the investigation was Fabs and crew calling some debris floating in the air an orb. That would be like me calling Fabs’ cigar an orb.

The team did get one interesting EVP, “step back.” They also picked up some interesting EMF hits.

I’m not really seeing anything different in Paranormal Cops method of investigation. Paranormal programing has turned into a crowded field so  Paranormal Cops is going to have to step up to the plate or fall behind better known shows.  I’ll give them a few more trys.


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