Paranormal Cops Victim’s Revenge

In this episode of Paranormal Cops, the boys travel to Barat College of the Sacred Heart in Lake Forest, Il. to investigate an alleged haunting. 

The investigators zero in on a suicide that happened in 1916. They claim that a woman died under mysterious circumstances and that her body was found on the front lawn of the school. However; a quick look at A&E’s forum give us a troubling look at the investigative abilities of our professional paranormal investigators.

It seems that the girl Marion Lambert did not die on the front lawn as was indicated by the show. Her body was found in Helm’s Woods. The man William Orpet was acquitted of the crime. If it was a suicide why would that man be haunting the school? Why would a girl with no known connect to the school haunt it?

Sadly, I’m sure those little facts would mess up the show.

I hope that our cops do better at their day job.

6 thoughts on “Paranormal Cops Victim’s Revenge

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  1. I attended the school in the 80’s. There was talk of things happening in the school. The spirit of a nun walked the 4th floor at night looking at the artcases. Others in the chapel. It was a very old building and much had happened inside those walls. There was never any talk of an angy male spirit in the school. We walked those halls “ghost hunting” at 2AM. Do you really think that a man’s spirit is going to be around all those female spirits without them kicking his ass out! Come on. They had to come up with a story. It was easy to go after a wonderful place that has come to such a sad end.

  2. I also went to school there in the 1980’s…I remember going up to the rooms upstairs behind the chapel where the nuns used to live….and it didnt feel like you were alone. I remember wandering through Main in the middle of the night….It was awful to see how the inside of the building is falling apart…with the peeling paint and broken doors…I was such a beautiful place when I went to school there. I wish they could have preseve the main building along with the beautiful chapel. I dont understand why they were not considered historical landmarks. I do that Madeline Sofie Barat for creating such a beautiful place for us to remember.

  3. Our Barat class of ’60 had our 50th reunion last fall. We’ve more than stayed in touch. It was a great school , great time and it is indeed sad that it isn’t preserved.

  4. At the time that William Orpet and Marion Lambert were canoodling in Helm’s Woods, the Convent of the Sacred Heart was a cloisterd Catholic all girls elementary and middle school. No boys. Marion attended high school in Highland Park at the Deerfield Township High School. Lake Forest High School was built many years after MarionLambert’s death. Orpet, a former Deerfield township student was attending college at the University of Madison. Neither of them ever attended the Convent of the Sacred Heart aka Barat College. Paranormal cops was trying to build a ghost story around the ‘spooky’ Old Main building that has been vacant for years. Good try – not!

  5. Went to school in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Heard there was a girl with long hair that haunted the main top floor of the main building. Never saw anything but scared the crap out of me. Use to study in the area before class.

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