GH and GHA have there season finales

The Ghost Hunters crew visited the site of the Hindenburg crash. Sadly, thats about all that they did. They only briefly visited the actual site of the crash. The investigation actually took place about  1/2 mile away in hangar one. I know, I don’t understand it either.

Jason and Grant chased a shadow person that no one else saw and was not captured on the FLIR. They also managed to smell some sewer gas and find some equipment under a sheet. Dustin thought something got into his precious hair. Not to be out done by Jason and Grant, Dustin and Britt also gave chase to a shadow above them.

 Perhaps the highlight of the evening was when the cameraman gave us a nice shot of Kris’ behind as she and Amy climbed some stairs. I guess that the ratings must be slipping. The girls believe that they heard a cough and saw a light go out.

In the end, there was not very much to this episode.

Ghost Hunters Academy:

I thought that this was their best episode. The cadets are coming together as a team and looking a bit more professional. This time the cadets visited the Essex County Hospital. Although they didn’t find very much, I thought that it was a solid investigation.

Professionalism, Skepticism, Honesty, Composure & Respect …

Maybe I missed it, but I don’t remember those qualities being mentioned earlier in the show. However; Steve claimed that they were the measuring stick that he used in his decision-making.


This coming from a man who would wear stage props and make odd bets with Tango to eat bugs during investigations? The man who bashed doors with wet mops and ran from birds, bats, and bugs? This man  judges others on professionalism? Oh brother …

 Jane was dropped from the show. Susan and Karl are offered spots on GHI. The rest of the cast are offered spots on another season of GHA. Oh no, there is going to be another season of GHA.

I guess that these “new” qualities will become the mantra of paranormal investigators and that will be a good thing. While the last episode was pretty good, I doubt that I will watch the next season of GHA.  Maybe I just reached the saturation point of paranormal shows.


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