Ghost Hunters Academy: Chris McCune off the show

Well another episode of Ghost Hunters Academy has come to a close. This time the cadets managed to find … nothing. This investigation was at the St. Augustine, Lighthouse. I liked the shots of the lighthouse and little else.

Things looked bad for Chris when a new cast member was introduced. The new guy is a southerner named Chris Smith. Oh yes, that was one Chris too many. As it turns out, McCune got homesick and was given the axe.

It looks like the villain of the show is Jane Riley. Sadly, this show has become nothing more than a soap opera. Thank the “Great Architect of the Universe” that there is only one show to go. I hope that this will be the last that we see of Ghost Hunters Academy. I know it will be for me.


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  1. If Jane continues to ‘bewitch’ Steve and Tango, I will never watch this program, GH and GHI again. You have to be fools to buy into her crap. Your credibility is zero. I have lost all patience with what I used to think as credible if you are so vulnerable to a selfish user as her, who turns on the tears and then continues to throw everyone under the bus to ‘better’ herself. You guys are blind!

  2. Something doesn’t set well with me. She wants to be in the show so bad but then continually chimes in with her words of woe about how bad she’s treated and the error of ‘their’ ways.

    I think that early on when they noticed that she was capable of such behavior that the producer said – okie dokie, we have a winner or be it a whiner.

    We live in a sick world and people actually like that stuff and the show knows that. I’m guessing they worked it. Not necessarily intentionally but rather at some point Steve or Tango told her to speak her mind when she feels the need and that’s what she’s doing. Consequently, they’ve created the ‘bad guy’ persona for their show. That’s what makes a show work. We weren’t expecting it in a reality show though.

    Jane is from NJ Paranormal and they’re not your dime a dozen ghost hunting team. In other words, she does know what she’s doing. So I think the tears were real and that she did and said what she felt because she was previously told to do so. The key for me here was that she was so brazen to do it in the moment that Steve and Tango were getting ready to remove one of the members.

    Do you notice that neither Steve or Tango lambasted her for doing so. Maybe it’s because they know the drill and they knew what they were doing in order to get those numbers up. After all, the end result is all about the numbers and nothing more.

  3. I really, really liked Chris McCune, he’s a super person and obviously that was seen in the reason he wanted to depart from the show since his family and friends were more important than fame and glory.

    I’m afraid however that your wish for no GHA season 2 will not come true. Like I said previously, we live in a sick world and the general population eats that muckity muck up. Check out the link and you’ll see what I mean.

    By the Numbers

    I have a paranormal blog with almost 200 full episodes in there. My stats dictate who’s watching what. I absolutely loathe Ghost Adventures but I get more hits on their videos than anything else. Believe it or not, Ghost Lab is number 2 and then Ghost Hunters is number 3. So it’s obvious that everybody has a different liking. Certainly those that dwell in the paranormal and have done so for years will have a completely different opinion than John Q Public.

    The Ghost Hunters are boring me to death lately so I’m guessing that this is true for most everyone else since those hits are so low.

    What will change all of this of course will be Ghost Hunters International who will move to the number one spot over the course of their next episodes starting in a few weeks.

  4. Yes, it could become a regular show. However; I don’t think that I could handle the soap opera, game show of GHA. I’ll check out your reviews from time to time but one season is enough for me. Ratings are a reality, a very sad reality. Perhaps ratings are the only real thing about any reality show. What’s next the “lingerie ghost hunt?”. I can just see it now …

    “Oh my, I hope that I don’t get scared so bad that my top comes off,” buxom blond smiles wickly as the dramatic music swells.

  5. Personally I too think that Ghost Hunters Academy is lousy. I don’t ever find it necessary to be condescending to someone on television, which is what both Tango and Steve are notorious for. That’s so human these days but unnecessary.

    I’m beginning to like Ghost Lab even though it took a while to get used to their personalities. GHI though is probably the only ghost hunter show that I watch in its entirety and all episodes. The rest all have kinks of some kind. Yea, soap operas. lol

  6. Enjoying the original Ghost Hunters (even thru all the team member changes), I had high hopes for GHA (Ghost Hunters Academy)…but sadly, it has not lived up to my hopes and expectations…and I also think that loosing Chris McCune while keeping Jane, was certainly not an improvement…… There have been a number of “clones” come along since the original GH, and a couple of them are not bad, but the others are much like GHA, a waste of perfectly good video tape…. My suggestion is to send Steve and Tango back to GH…send Dustin back to GHI (which I also enjoy, by the way)…and go on with what were a couple of winners to begin with.

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