Ghost Hunters: Ghosts of the Mark Twain House

The Ghost Hunters investigated the historic Mark Twain House last night.  They managed to “capture” some light anomalies, shadows, and various noises. Sadly, much of the data was lost when their hard drive failed.

The most interesting quotes of the night came from Dustin Pari. “This place even smells like a haunted house.”  I guess that I will have to visit the Mark Twain house just to learn what a haunted house smells like. I wasn’t aware that ghosts had a smell? Amazing the little things that one can learn about the paranormal by watching Ghost Hunters.

Another interesting quote by Dustin was, “They wouldn’t over these, these are antiques.” That was in response to a loud thump. Was Dustin saying that ghosts would not turn over antiques or that the crew would not turn over antiques? I can only imagine that Dustin was talking about crew members and that he couldn’t believe that crew members were over turning antiques to create ghostly sounds. Was this an acknowledgement of hoaxing in the past?

The evening was filled with a lot of , “Did you hear that?” and “What was that?” The show had its usual special effects and dramatic music.

Jason and Grant were able to debunk a moving curtain by noticing a loose board. However; they were unable to debunk a hit on their Flir which looked like a reflection of their own heat signature to me.

All in all, I enjoyed the location. The Mark Twain house looks like a place that I would love to visit.


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