Ghost Hunters: Pensacola Lighthouse

I used to live in Pensacola so the TAPS investigation sparked my interest. Sadly, I was once again disappointed by TAPS.

One part of the investigation centered on the story, and I do mean story, of the murdered lighthouse keeper. According to the story, the wife murdered her husband with a knife to the back. The problem with the story is that it is nothing but a story. However; it makes for a great tale to add the legend of the old lighthouse. Interestingly, the only good evidence taken was of an evp that said “no”. Perhaps that was a spectral commentary on the quality of the investigation.

Other than that, we had a few bumps and thumps that you might expect in any building. Of course, the sounds were given greater significance. I knew that the show was in trouble when Dustin began telling us of his St. Augustine Lighthouse investigation. Of course, Dustin didn’t bother to tell us that the light bulb in the motion detector was loosen so the upper floor would not light up while the mysterious shadowy figure peered over the stairs. Now that would have made for an interesting night. Sadly, … what should have been a 30 minute segment was stretched into a full hour.

One the plus side, I didn’t notice Dustin with his hat on backwards and Steve Gonsalves was not there.  Had Steve been there all we would have heard was how Steve was afraid of heights. The show was long enough, as it was, without all of that added to the mix. Jason and Grant seemed to sleep-walk through most of the show.-

They paused from their slumberous promenade long enough to entertain us with stupid light tricks. One yes, Grant’s light on his camera would turn on and off by itself.  I’m getting a little tired of the magic light trick. If it isn’t a flashlight … its a camera light. Let’s be honest, its nothing more than a switch not set fully to the on or off position.

In short, the best part of the show was the lighthouse itself. Another plus is that no matter how bad the show was … it is not Ghost Hunters Academy.


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