Ghost Lab: Smell of Fear

Ghost Lab: Smell of Fear

Something smells but I’m not sure what it is … On the one hand, the show is a bit dull. On the other hand after having watched Extreme Paranormal, the worst paranormal show ever made, I now have a better appreciation for Ghost Lab.

In this episode the brothers Klinge travel to the Liar’s Club in Chicago and the Mortuary in New Orleans. I think that the part with the bio-cam was interesting. I like the idea of using different equipment in paranormal investigations; however, I didn’t see the connection between measuring emotions and imbedding emotions into other objects.

I think that the whole experiment was flawed because the attempt to measure anger was based on nothing more than yelling. It was not true anger, it was little more than acting. Having said that, I can at least give them points for trying.

As for their trip to New Orleans, I enjoyed seeing the rebuilt Mortuary. I remain skeptical of the scratch marks. As for the peak EMF of 6.5 milligauss on the chair, why didn’t the brothers check above and below the chair. The spike may have been from a source other than in that room. I couldn’t help but notice a giggle while the brothers fumbled with the EMF spike. It seemed that someone in the crew found the brothers antics humorous.

I didn’t understand why the Ghost Lab cast felt that it had to scare members of the crew in the haunted house portion of the Mortuary. What was the point other than to fill up some time?

As for paranormal shows, I’ve seen worse far worse. I think that I will give them a few more tries.


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