Ghost Lab at Tombstone

The Ghost Lab crew stumbled into Tombstone in last night’s investigation. The Klinge brothers are really doing a lot of damage to their credibility with their collecting of so-called paranormal data.

The brothers stopped at the Birdcage, a site that has been covered by other paranormal teams. Sadly, they were befuddled by a speaker found in the building. The speaker gave off feedback noises and the brothers were unsure if the sounds were paranormal in nature or not.  They were told that the speaker had no power, yet they didn’t bother to trace the cord that ran from it? At best that kind of research is poor, at worst its fraudulent.

Later the brothers Klinge claim to have photographed a shadow man in Boot Hill. Once again, the brothers mislead the viewers with bad evidence. In the photo we see what appears to be shadow legs. However; a daylight look of Boot Hill proves that the legs were nothing more than a gate.  Why didn’t the Klinge brothers check out their evidence in the daylight? Or did they, and then decided to keep quiet. Ratings are ratings.

The brothers develop a theory that lightning strikes silver ore causing the town to be super charged with paranormal energy. Are you kidding me … and don’t get me started on the Tesla coil.

I did enjoy the narration by Mike Rowe and I enjoyed the location. However; I am afraid that the show will have a short run if the Klinge brothers don’t work on their credibility.


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