My first look at Ghost Lab

Ghost Lab premiered last night on the Discover channel. It was narrated by Mike Rowe (of Dirty Jobs fame) and stars the Klinge brothers and the Everyday Paranormal  team.  Brad and Barry Klinge’s first offering was called “Disturbing the Peace“.

I guess the title is based on the Klinge brothers theory of encouraging paranormal activity through an activity called “Era Cues.”  While the brothers may give the impression that this is their own theory, it is nothing more than the “Singapore Theory” or as it is sometimes called the “Theory of Familiarization.”

The Klinge brothers used this type of stimuli in both investigations. The first investigation was in the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. The stimuli was rockabilly music from the 50’s and a live band. I could see no advantage in having a live band other than to stroke the ego of one of the brothers who took the opportunity to sing. Barry Fitzgerald of Ghost Hunters International used a record to employ the Singapore Theory in an investigation of Lamach Castle. A record gives the investigative team more control and less contamination, but hey somepeople have a song in their heart. Maybe we will get to hear “Fame” in the next Ghost Lab episode, I love that song!

“Haunted like a mo fo”

While the brothers Klinge may believe that the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium is “Haunted like a mo fo”, the lack of evidence collected leaves me skeptical. First, we have two doors that opened or closed; however, neither door was on camera at the time. So much for the electronic net that the Klinge brothers brought to Shreveport. They did manage to get one clear evp; however, it is an auditorium and we did have a live band. I would liked to have seen more done to debunk the evp.

As for the young lady who was touched, I loved the response. The team ran to her side. To me,  at that point, the brothers Klinge seemed a little desperate.

I did like the computer animation of the floorplans of the building that is being investigated. I think that its a nice touch; of course, Most Haunted has been doing that for some time.

The second part of the show was an investigation of the Myrtles Plantation. “Nothing like going to a real haunted house to test your theories out.”  Oh yes, that’s some obectivity.

The Klinge brothers believed that they heard a child and promptly call it voice phenomenon. They congratulated each other with a hearty high five. Sadly, it sounded like a bird to me. I’m afraid that the Klinge brothers may take some heat for that one.  Later one of the brothers feels a cold spot while sitting on a staircase.  I’m not sure that it is paranormal for heat to rise up a staircase and cold air to descend down a staircase; however, I don’t have a paranormal show.

In the end, I will give it a few more trys.


One thought on “My first look at Ghost Lab

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  1. This show is horrible.

    The Discovery channel needs to yank it before they lose all credibility.

    The brothers are not professional, they are bumbling, aggressive, hacks with nothing in the way of new discoveries or material, let alone tools. They rush to conclusions, make wild broad sweeping statements of opinions as though they are fact and frankly give genuine paranormal researchers a bad name.

    I may watch it again, but only to find some comedy.

    It’s not that I do not believe in ghosts, I have worked with and helped many ghosts, it’s just that this show is a step in the wrong direction. We need some professionals, not these yahoos.

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