The Meatloaf water bottle hoax

Here is a clip from last night’s episode of Ghost Hunters. If you look carefully, you will notice that the window is closed when Grant leaves the bathroom. However; the window is open when Grant discovers that Meatloaf’s water bottle has been moved.

Ask yourself, does a ghost need to open a window to move a water bottle? Sadly, its just another hoax from the Ghost hunters (or ghost hoaxsters) staff.


Notice the window pane dividers …


Window dividers and water bottle are missing

Looks like the window is open to me.


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  1. You can’t see it in the picture you provided, but you can actually see the window pane in the second shot where the bottle is missing; it’s briefly visible across the top of the screen. That thing that looks like a vertical middle pane in the first shot is actually a reflection of the door. When Grant starts to close the door but then opens it again, if you watch, you can see the “vertical pane” moving because it’s just a reflection. The window is closed in both shots.

  2. I looked but I don’t see a moving pane effect. I’ve also had a person email me saying that the window is locked, I don’t see that either. I believe that if this were true Grant and Jay would be shouting about this from the roof-tops. Instead they were rather ho-hum and almost bored with the investigation.

    Why didn’t Jay or Grant put a camera on the target object? I think we all know why. No, simply put … this is a hoax and a bad one at that. Someone opened the window and moved the water bottle.

    Its not their first hoax …

    and it wont be their last …

    I expect to see this one debunked all over the net in the next few weeks.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the show. However; I take it as nothing more than entertainment.

  3. I can barely see the vertical divider at all with the quality of that video. However, I think there’s another shot that shows what I’m talking about. Starting at about 1:29 (your video, not Lar’s) and going to about 1:31, the camera shows the window for a moment with the water bottle in view, then pans away. As it pans away, you can see the vertical divider fade while the horizontal one stays visible. This makes sense if it’s just a trick of the light.

    Regardless of whether the window is open or closed, though, one thing still doesn’t make sense to me: Why would they go through the trouble of going outside and opening the window when they could have just walked in there, moved the bottle, and then edited that part out? Even if Meatloaf wasn’t in on it, he obviously wasn’t in that room the whole time because he asked Jay and Grant if they had done it, so they still could have slipped that past him.

  4. Go to my youtube page;
    See Video 5!
    This shows the volume of editing snafu’s. You cannot have this many discrepancies & call it paranormal.

    Video’s 1-3 support the theory that someone entered/exited the window. Why would someone do this? Why wou;d Grant tug his coat collar on live TV last year, & call it paranormal?

    Video’s 4 & 5 support editing blunders.

    There is some confusion as to what I mean by WINDOW. The interior window is 4 pane. It is closed as they exit the bathroom. You can clearly see through ONE SOLID PANE of glass when they find the bottle’s moved. The interior window’s open. If it were down you’d see the frame,the piece of wood coming down the center, separating the two panes at the bottom. You’re now looking the exterior storm.

    Still unsure?
    Lastly, they do not place a camcorder on the very bottle they ask be moved? They’ve just requested an entity move an object. This is the HOLY GRAIL of paranormal activity. Why is it they don’t leave a camera on it?

    They don’t pick up their own camcorder to try to record a “shadowy figure,” going into the very bathroom. Instead they stand a room away only watching.

    Ahh! But wait. There’s more…
    They’ve built their careers around DEBUNKING what is not paranormal. But do not debunk this. Because they can’t.
    They allow the cameraman to only film the bottle from behind them & just barely getting the shot between their shoulders in the dark as they stand outside the bathroom.
    Really you mean the water bottle moved but I can’t go IN the bathroom to shoot it?
    They NEVER enter the bathroom. Well, they must later because Meatloaf must’ve been thirsty drinking from the HOLY GRAIL has he’s seen holding the bottle explaining what happened.
    They don’t put the light on to see how this happened, or to even record it with their own DVR or FLIR.
    They don’t attempt K2, or EMF. The footage you see shot only from outside the room is that of the TV production crew.
    It’s not paranormal. It’s a par-a-guys making millions.

  5. Sorry to say, the window was clearly closed. You can see the warble effect and a mark on the window. Just look at the house in the background when the camera pans, after Grant asks Jay to come take a look. Plus, you weren’t there. Case closed.

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