Ghost Hunters: faux ghost knocks

One of the major players in debunking the hoaxing of Ghost Hunters and other paranormal shows is internet. A simple search of  youtube or hulu will give you plenty of examples of  the shenanigans played by various paranormal investigative groups on tv.

Hulu has Jason of “Ghost Hunters” reaching up and knocking on a beam and reacting to the strange ghostly knocking noise. He and Grant should get an acting award for this show.

No wonder the name of the group is called “taps.”


One thought on “Ghost Hunters: faux ghost knocks

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  1. You need to watch it again…Yes he knocks…but the knocking they are reacting to comes from behind them. You can also hear several more knocks when they go to investigate. Grant thought that it maybe the plumbing making the knocks. So no one in this clip were trying to fool you.

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