We ain’t afraid of no ghost … GHI

Ghost Hunters International did its thing with two investigations last night on the syfy channel. One investigation was the “The Witches Castle” or Moosham Castle of  Unternberg, Austria.

The castle had a bit of a vibe to it. It looked like a haunted castle. It had the tragic history of a haunted castle. In the end, with little paranormal activity, it was declared a haunted castle by the GHI team.

If you didn’t see the episode, here is what you missed. Dustin and Barry felt that the hunting room was charged with energy.  Barry was scared when a door sprung open. Several team members heard footsteps.   Ashley thought that she heard a breath while her partner Joe thought that he had been touched.

While all of that makes for interesting tv, what is it really?

As for the data collected, there were two evps. One said, “It’s me” and the other said, “Horst”. I could hear the “its me” but the other made no sense to me. The other bit of data collected was that of a picture of a figure sitting  a chair.  I couldn’t make out what was in the picture. My thought is that it is nothing more than light and shadow.

The second half of the episode was the Schloss Porcia – Spittal An Der Drau, Austria. Probably the only good thing in the investigation was Rob’s reaction to a load noise. Rob and Joe were sitting at a table listening to scratching sounds. Of course, they wanted more and they got it. Something made a load noise which scared Rob to the point that he was ready to fight. Thats right the professional ghost hunter was ready to lay a smack down on a ghost. You go Rob! You ain’t afraid of no ghost!

While it was the funniest thing that I’ve seen on GHI, it was not the most professional. Later in the review, Robb compounded his unprofessional behavior by playing the profanity-laced clip to the client. Rob learn how to mute the sound on the computer. Come on man, that is not professional behavior. 

I loved the locations and the history. Robb’s ghost fight club moment was priceless. The first rule about ghost fight club is …


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