Ghost Adventures: Ancient Ram Inn

Zak, Nick and Aaron traveled to the Ancient Ram Inn  in Stroud district of Gloucestershire.

When it comes to taunting spirits I have to give the crew a major hat tip. In this episode Zak called in a witch to perform some wiccan ceremonies.  Once again poor Aaron didn’t want to be a part of the provoking. I have to say I feel sorry for the poor guy almost every episode.

The owner of the strange Inn is an equally strange man by the name of  John Humphries.  During the walk through, Mr. Humphries allegely had a strong reaction to something paranormal. Perhaps Mr. Humphries was selling the paranormal properties of the Inn or perhaps he needed to check his medication, we will never know. At one point, Mr. Humphries seemed confused about the lock down and started to lock himself in and everyone else out of the building. Mr. Humphries is convinced that a spirit is trying to have sex with him and that he is able to fight off the spirit with the aid of his Bible.

I guess my favorite part of the show was Zak on the floor during the wiccan ceremony. At one point, he points to his groin and tells us that he is feeling tingling. Oh those naughty British spirits, and the brits complain about Americans being overpaid, over sexed, and over here.

As the investigation continued, we heard several voices, evps, and odd thumps. Aaron thought that he captured a shadow; however, I wasn’t impressed. I have to admit that some of the voices were impressive; however, nothing was done to debunk them.

I enjoyed the episode and loved the location. As you might expect with Ghost Adventures it was less investigation and more spooky entertainment. Having said that, I enjoyed it.


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