GHI: Houska Castle

Ghost Hunters International investigated Houska Castle  last night. The castle is located in the Czech Republic in a remote area. The GHI crew listened to the stories about hauntings, but did little in the way of debunking the claims. With almost no evidence, the crew declared the place haunted.

One of the interesting moments was the use of a dog to hunt for ghosts. This isn’t the first time that the GHI team has used a dog. As we say in the south, that dog wont hunt. The dog didn’t find anything.

Sadly, Dustin had to wear his hat upside down and backwards. Dustin why do you need a visor at night? Come on fellow, grow up and leave it in the car. It’s like Linus and his blanket.

At one point, Dustin throws a stone hoping for a response. He nearly jumped out of his skin when something slid across the floor. Paranormal? Its an old castle, I would be surprised if things didn’t fall from time to time. Too bad someone didn’t throw that damn hat.

Still the stone throwing made me think of “Most Haunted”. I guess thats the direction that all of these paranormal shows are taking. Let’s face it, its all about entertainment.

There was one evp that was translated as “bring it”. I couldn’t hear it. :shrug:

One thing that I did notice was a cauldron moving during Joe and Ashley’s investigation of  “Satan’s Office”. Nothing was said about it, so it I guess it was caused when Joe sat on Satan’s throne. I also couldn’t help but notice that no one taunted the spirits in “Satan’s Office”. What’s wrong guys … afraid?

Having said that, I did enjoy seeing Houska Castle. The location was beautiful.


2 thoughts on “GHI: Houska Castle

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  1. Hey Barry,
    Got home just in time to watch the “Crew” in the castle. Man that is one Spooky place!! Don’t think i’d have antagonize any one in the “Satans Office” either! ha ha
    Keep up the good work! Love the show!!

  2. Hi, Berry I watched your show, and I was dissapointed that there was was only one evps shown as evidence, which I heard a few more, that I know that you had to catch on tape recorder. I would love to see you guys do a eight hr halloween show there. It looks like you guys have lots of fun and exciting adventures together, and happy ghost hunting
    P.s Dustin payback time is in order for Berry! lol!

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